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New Format

For the month of November, we're trying a new format. Each week we will have an MC who will do a quick (no more than 5 minute) update on where our various projects are. Then we'll have an open forum to announce specific project meetings and/or any announcements, questions, topics, or frustrations people want to elevate.

The Overview

  • Marionette executeScript functionality has landed
    • met with dev-tools team to get the remote debugging support we need landed
  • Marionette test server (using mock object for marionette) is completed
  • Jeff and Clint met with the W3C and other browser vendors to talk about automated testing on the web and automated testing of w3c specifications.
  • Bughunter UI website is starting to come together. Initial UI is up and running, it's not complete, but it already has some potential.
    • The UI process has uncovered some performance wins that can be made by doing slight restructurings of underlying database, which should be possible without losing data.
  • Native Fennec Automation project - tp tests are running again
    • Joel and Trevor are working on two possible approaches to replacing browser-chrome tests for UI automation
    • Clint is working on automating a QA manual Ts (startup) performance test
  • Bugzilla guys have the QA field migration in review.
    • They are waiting on legneato for discussion of better pulse integration into bugzilla
    • Overall bugzilla error integration (arecibo) is under development
    • Mozilla Reps form to submit XML attachment of form data for machine parsing.
    • Worked with Aakashd to add contributor survey link to BMO site.
    • Review and checkin of flag request whiner extension for Gerv.
    • Small reviews for upstream in relation to general performance enhancements
  • Talos user responsiveness metrics landed, but were backed out due to crashes and hangs that weren't encountered in staging. Cause is still under investigation.

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

  • Community Goals
  • Next week is half-way through the quarter, so ctalbert will follow up with people around goals
  • Wlach will work on pulling together the update for next week.