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The Overview

  • Ateam Services
    • [bc] hopefully we will have networking for the ateam and bughunter monday! yay!
  • Bugzilla
    • [glob] resolved pgp email encryption issue
    • [glob] qa-migration work following feedback from community
    • [glob] added restrictions to prevent processing of queries which result in all bugs on bmo
    • [glob] pushed more performance tweaks, worked on others
    • [dkl] submitted upstream patch for review to add full search functionality to WebServices (needed for REST work as well)
    • [dkl] new extension under review to add last closed field to bugzilla to improve metrics gathering.
    • [dkl] some work on backporting of upstream performance improvements to BMO
    • [dkl] normal administrative work
  • Bughunter
    • [jeads] added webservice methods, control panel, and some new UI features for the new graphs application
    • [jeads] fixed a url encoding issue for bughunter url resubmissions
    • [jeads] working on building a new graphs landing page in a data view. Having some fun with d3.js.
    • [jeads] got new glasses! Syntactical error likelihood now approaches 0
  • SimpyPI (internal PyPI)
    • [jhammel] waiting on getting a machine before much can be done there
  • Jetperf Harness (
    • [jhammel] working on migrating jetperf to inherit from mozharness's talos script and separating the other bits into a package to analyze talos data
  • Talos
    • [jhammel] upgraded talos filters so that you could specify arguments
    • [jhammel] will probably tackle the big talos configuration overhaul next week
  • Signal from Noise
    • [jmaher] Wrote up [blog post] with summary of current work and future work.
  • Marionette
    • [mdas] still responding to code reviews regarding landing Marionette on m-c
    • [mdas] added support for clicking in chrome space, getting attributes of elements, and checking if an input/checkbox element is selected.
    • [jgriffin] fixed the Mn tests for B2G!
  • Mobile Automation
    • [jmaher] fixed OOM error, working on updating sutagents on production tegras, should be ready to turn on robocop based talos tests soon
    • [jmaher] is working on speeding up the robocop tests in general as more people are writing robocop based tests
    • [jmaher] is looking to fix a lot of the reftest related problems with android, manifests and required screen size
  • Peptest
    • [mcote] got basic profiler support working for peptest
    • [mcote] now has a system for collecting & graphing peptest results. Hosted here until sec review passes
  • Autophone
    • [mcote[ got autophone to recover from device-manager errors
  • Pulse
    • [jgriffin] has been working on the pulse translator service. Has a prototype running on his own machine used to find special cases that the current service isn't finding.
      • Should land in a week and pulsebuildmonitor will be updated to be a light wrapper around the service.

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

  • Proposal: "Mr. T Award": a quarterly award given out to an A*Team member for being a rock star that quarter
    • we are all pop stars aspiring to be rock stars, but somebody has to win. Lets discuss if this sounds like a good idea and how we would pick the winner.
  • An idea from Jane McGonigal, a game designer on "how to engineer community participation" - It's an interview all about game design to positively impact gamers and through them, the world at large. I think it has some fascinating implications on how we design the community engagement experience here at Mozilla and engineer for participation in a digital medium. (Not advocating we make everything a game - but I think we can learn from her by the way she designs her games).
    • Interview - 1 hour long
    • Ctalbert reading her book now, will offer to buy it for anyone who's interested.
    • Ctalbert might also try to get her to do a brownbag at Mozilla on this topic once I finish the book.