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The Overview


  • [bc] - working on bughunter service with reduced privilege account
  • [bc] - waiting for new vms to be created


  • [glob] - securemail was enabled for the core-security group this week
    • resulted in significant discussion and tweaks to the securemail ext
  • [dkl] - Send test email when someone uploads a key for the SecureMail extension.
  • [dkl] - New extension committed to send congratulation email to first patch approvals
  • [dkl] - Peer code reviews


graph server 2.0

  • [jeads] - made a new visualization similar to that in production but with extra features (mean, std dev, etc.)


  • [jhammel] - jetperf script mostly done


  • [jgriffin] - JS gecko bits landed in m-c! python soon to land
  • [jgriffin] - gaia devs will be exploring marionette after js-conf milestone
  • [mdas] - looking into bundling Selenium atoms in marionette

mobile automation

  • [jmaher] - robocop will be activated on Monday
  • [jmaher] - talos on try on Monday
  • [jmaher] - ts_paint next week
  • [jmaher] - may have some traction on reftest failures on android xul/native
  • [jmaher] - 289 robocop tests and growing, increased stability and performance


  • [mcote] - improvements to dashboard
  • [mcote] - enabled on mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central


signal from noise


  • [jhammel] - mozharness refactoring up for review
  • [jhammel] - separation of packages for stats analysis (AnalyzeThis) and talos-specific stats

war on orange

  • [mcote] (mentoring), [rohandalvi], [harsh] - student contributors working on some UI cleanup

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table


  • Eideticker highlighted on CNET!
  • ctalbert, wlach, and mcote joining mdas in Toronto, Monday - Wednesday