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The Overview


  • [glob/dkl] lots of prep work and actioning of bmo upgrade which required downtime
  • [glob] worked on more secure-mail issues
    • investigated sending pgp messages as multipart
    • resolved issue with unicode characters having wrong encoding
    • worked on fixing long standing issues with how mail is constructed within bugzilla
  • [glob] working on errors in the error handling routines
  • [glob/dkl] Routine BMO administrative tasks
  • [dkl] Changes to the TryAutoLand extension to add new functionality for AutoLand team
  • [glob/dkl] Upstream reviews and patch submissions


  • [wlach] - working on synthesizing touch events (in particular, the double-tap event)
    • This will be useful for creating a planned "suite" of sites that we're going to use to measure cross-browser performance across the Stock Android Browser, Fennec, Chrome, and possibly Opera.


War on Orange

Signal From Noise

  • [jmaher] - deployed tp5row, disabled side by side staging
  • [jmaher] - [Goals] for Q2
  • [jhammel] - Some work on AnalyzeThis


  • [jmaher] - lots of little updates for mobile and desktop
  • [jmaher] - talos.json support for mobile talos
  • [jhammel] - mozharness/Talos untangling: some agreement on short-term plans
  • [jhammel] - Set up a pypi for Talos installation:

Mobile Automation

  • [jmaher] - ts_paint is live
  • [jmaher] - trobopan and tcheckerboard are live
  • [jmaher] - robocop unittests are green again
  • [jmaher] - sut-tools are being updated to reduce purples



  • [bc] - VMs for valgrind testing, windows building and user testing were created late Thursday. Plan is to get them up and running this week.
  • Mac OS X crashes are exceeding the capacity of the 3 test machines.
  • Need UI support to handle the timeout/hangs that are being encountered.


  • [jeads] - Built a box-plot visualization in D3 that shows the results for any Talos test pageset (run time vs. web page loaded in talos pageset)
  • [jeads] - built a visualization that shows raw talos run data as a bar chart (run time vs. individual replicates for a talos page), for comparing individual values from a single page across multiple runs/platforms

autophone/Noah's Ark

  • [mcote/ctalbert] - updated for new pulse API and a few other fixes



  • [jhammel] - mozharness work


  • [jgriffin] - working on getting heartbeats to work with RabbitMQ
  • [jgriffin] - investigating alternates to carrot for the mozilla pulse lib (so far

looked at Kombu, Pika, and Stormed-amqp).

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

There has been discussion of a tool to track the size of the Firefox installer:


  • Ted's new kid helping wire up the surround sound system: 543682_10150893387332656_579247655_12795114_1106742454_n.jpg