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  • Welcome to Josh Carpenter (UX) and Chris Lee (PM) who will be working on the B2G project.
  • Taipei office will be closed during the Chinese New Year (1/21~1/29).


  • Need to book travel to the work week so that hotel reservations can be finalized.
  • We have a separate Gaia weekly meeting now. Updates from that meeting will be shared here and vice-versa. It's on Tuesday mornings 9AM PST.


  • Update on testing:
    1. existing gecko tests running in b2g -- Etienne/Vivien update?
    2. infrastructure tests for gaia & automation -- Malini/Jonathan update?
    • Still waiting on IT to bring up a replacement for brasstacks; this is used to store test results and provide a UI to view them. Hopefully this will be ready this week. Once this is ready the automation should be up and running.

Status updates

  • etienne
  • mrbkap
  • mounir
    • Fight a lot with a crash when running Fennec...
    • WebSMS and Network API finally landed!
  • vingtetun
  • benfrancis
  • mwu
    • working with mrbkap on wifi
    • fixed random widget issues
    • prototyping inputreader replacement for current input code
  • jlebar
  • justindarc
  • mdas, jgriffin <ateam>
  • jhammink
    • trying to stay atop B2G/Marionette's newest features are they are implemented
    • writing (blog) end-to-end instructions for setting up build env, building (both QEMU and Galaxy S2), flashing and both interactive and scripted marionette sessions
    • planning for B2G master test strategy (with Chris Lee) including functionality use-cases for testing
      • also need: roadmap for apis/features, reliability, performance, security, etc (TBD) test plans
      • Blizzard has a list for platform (WebAPIs, among other things)
  • jstraus
  • qDot
  • gwagner
    • Updated contacts wiki with new scheme.
    • Mostly testing. Found few indexeddb hickups.
    • splitting patch into parts for review.
  • philikon
    • fixed remaining telephony regressions
    • started network manager coordination
    • 3G RIL backend going to land today
  • fabrice
    • camera support:
      1. trying to make it works on the maguro, found that the hangs were due to a mismatch between the headers and the blobs. M.Vines helped and we have it mostly working now.
      2. still hangs on the S2, I suspect for the same reasons
    • Open Web Apps API
      1. starting to update the API to take into account the discussions from last week with the apps team.
  • jcarpenter, trond, ivanovpavel <ux team>
    • Getting up to speed on project (meeting team, auditing existing work, defining technical possibilities / constraints)
    • Working with clee, Andreas et al to define the MWC demo outline. From which we will build out the necessary UX (IXD and visual).
  • clee <product team>
    • working closely with UX on defining the basic front-end components needed for the MWC demo
    • ramping up on what everyone is working
    • proposing a longer-term project plan post-MWC on building out an alpha product
    • prioritizing key functionality/features we need to hit our Q1 goals
  • frashed
  • thinker
    • Update 3G data call patch for ril_worker
    • Update proximity patches to fix symbol conflict between mozilla::ObserverList and ObserverList defined by chromium.
    • A trail bullet for network manager component for B2G. Include a component and a testcase.
    • Try to do decaf (remove JDK)(https://github.com/ThinkerYzu/android-build/tree/decaf-noop-mk)
      • Trying a better way to override variables and behavior (AndroidProducts.mk)
  • tchung <QA>
    • here to support Jhammink for QA
    • assist with Testing roadmap
    • build a larger QA team to support B2G
  • timdream
    • working with volunteers from China to deliver Simplified Chinese IME
    • redesign db for Traditional Chinese IME for new features
    • Crowd-sourcing needed: verify european language keyboard layouts and complete the accent char menus
    • Will be working with UX people on keyboard
  • steven
    • Refine the code of SensorObserverManager in Hal and prepare to commit
      • Register try-server account and waiting for reply.
    • Trace the code about connecting nsSensorManager in dom and SensorObserverManager in Hal
      • Follow Thinker's patch and have a quick implementation.
  • kanru
    • idle service landed
    • shutdown/reboot api is going to land (finally :)
    • basic gps backend is going to land
    • try to diagnose the camera issue that fabrice encountered. With minimal code to use libcamera.so it still hangs, but with camera service api it will not hang. I suspect the libcameraservice.so blob uses different method/header to initialize the camera.
  • Vincent
    • Studying the documents related to Gecko in the MDN.
    • Tracing build flows and Makefile of Gecko and Gonk.
    • Tracing call flows of Telephony Module from html to rild daemon. It helps to understand software architecture of Gecko and Gonk.
    • Studying Bug 717150 - Support for adjusting the system clock and setting the time zone