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Meeting Notes

  • Get all Mozillians here by Thursday night, nobody have any problems with coming to Skopje on Thursday.
  • Gorjan will look into finding a venue close enough to hotel Mozilla contributors are staying in
  • Make a list of confirmed proposals and ideas to be sure not to repeat same things twice and to follow the same track on every meeting
    • We're gonna try to use venue for both internal and public meetings
  • We need to close WiFi access for to have enough bandwidth for streaming and lecture purposes, or get another cable or (A)DSL line for public use.
    • Milos will see to it that we get a dedicated server for streaming.
    • Edo and Gorjan are willing to help
    • Contact Asa Doltzer and ask him for some help
  • We will need to divide the topics in "General" and "Tech" ones, to distinguish them for better presentations.
    • Use general ones for first part of the Public Event, and talk about more techy stuff on workshops during other part of the public event.
  • Please write your name next to the topic you want to talk about, we need to get speakers ASAP.
  • We need to have a mailing list
    • Edo will see to it that we get a mailing list up by Monday.
    • Brian King also offered some resources for mailing list
  • Still need to get a final logo.

Meeting Agenda

(please fill in what you would like to talk about)

  • Beginning of the meeting, Thursday or Friday?
  • Hotel and Venue
  • Start 'freezing' ideas
  • Logo Proposals and general discussion
    • Unique logo vs. slightly changed MCS logo (think about purpose and type of the event)
  • Stream
    • What do we have (equipment)
    • Who will do it?
  • Sessions
    • Decide which sessions of proposed ones would be presented publicly
    • Try to have all session proposals done by or immediately after next meeting