Breaking Pitt report December 2011

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Reporter User:Breaking Pitt
Date December 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items Summary
  • Update the templates of SuMo and started working on the SuMo Knowledge
  • Base to achieve the same goal with SuMoMo.
  • Continue withe the work on Thunderbird testing, doing testing and reporting bugs for the lastest release of Thunderbird.
  • Starting to do with Ludovic Hirlimman the cleaning of the Litmus testcases, for the integration in the replacement tool for Litmus.
  • Trying to engage in IT part of Mozilla.
Next Items Summary
  • Organize a session about Quality Assurance with Ludovic Hirlimman in the Master on Free Software at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.
  • Continue working on Litmuss, SuMo and SuMoMo.