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Breakpad Minidump Collector

1) the collector accepts the crash reports (minidump + metadata) from clients 

 Requires write access to the minidump store
 read/write access to the database

2) the symbol uploader takes symbol information from
2a) the tinderboxes/build systems 
2b) uploaded symbol information from extension authors 
Requires write access to the symbol store
and read/write access to the database
  • Apache web server to manage incoming minidumps via HTTPS
  • Pass minidump data through the firewall
  • Monitor queue and minidump status
  • Check client version and state and be able to serve config changes to Breakpad Client (e.g. send message to disable client)
  • Prep minidump for handoff to the processor
  • If we provide the configuration control feature the repeater also needs to push configuration info back down to the client for such things like "turn yourself off", "slow down your retry rate" and other control options.

Expected Load

Current load statistics for the Talkback server.

Product Daily Count
All 32085
Firefox2 17883
Firefox15 6897
FirefoxTrunk 417

Daily numbers may spike at up to three times the usual number if there is a topcrash.

Error Handling

Error Condition System Actions
Can't check queue  ?
File system full  ?