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Meeting Info

Breakpad status meetings occur on Wed at 11:00am Pacific Time.

Conference numbers:

   Vidyo: Stability 
   650-903-0800 x92 conf 98200#
   800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf 98200# 

IRC backchannel: #breakpad Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor) San Francisco: Paramount (7th floor)

Socorro Release Tracker
Socorro Bug Tracker


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Target milestone Priority Status Resolution Whiteboard
826564 add new 'exploitability' column to 'reports' in the Socorro UI Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 50 -- RESOLVED FIXED [DB Changes]
836753 Add "weight" field to crash reports allowing to compensate for throttling K Lars Lohn [:lars] [:klohn] 50 -- RESOLVED FIXED
838251 Show a count of distinct install times per signature Brandon Savage [:brandon] 50 P1 RESOLVED FIXED
869541 [a11y] Crashes per user Schalk Neethling [:espressive] 50 -- RESOLVED FIXED a11y, [qa-]
877175 Investigate lack of plugin related data in elasticsearch [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert 50 P1 RESOLVED FIXED
880052 Add symbols_geeksphone to processor config Laura Thomson :laura 50 -- RESOLVED FIXED

6 Total; 0 Open (0%); 6 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • bugs
  • Freeze next week
Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Target milestone Priority Status Resolution Whiteboard
651279 [tracker] add Elastic Search support to Socorro [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert 51 P1 RESOLVED FIXED [search]
753692 Long-running query times out after 30 seconds, and throws a 500 Internal Server Error [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert 51 P5 VERIFIED FIXED
803209 Create table and stored procedure to track volume of GC crashes over time Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED [DB Changes][qa-]
869474 [a11y] Socorro landing page Schalk Neethling [:espressive] 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED a11y
876051 [socorro-crashstats] try porting PHP correlations service to python Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED
882462 Documentation for crash storage classes Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED [qa-]
882489 CorrelationsSignatures should not raise NotFoundError Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED
882513 [socorro-crashstats] Add is_gc_count to TopCrashers Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED
884348 Production tweak for v51 release for new 'tcbs' table column Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 51 -- RESOLVED FIXED

9 Total; 0 Open (0%); 8 Resolved (88.89%); 1 Verified (11.11%);


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Priority Status Resolution Whiteboard
788003 [tracking] stage socorro-crashstats (django rewrite) Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED FIXED ETA: October 10th 2012
788048 [socorro-crashstats] implement correlations Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena -- RESOLVED DUPLICATE
788053 [socorro-crashstats] implement /admin pages Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
803183 [socorro-crashstats] upgrade to the latest playdoh Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
805323 [socorro-crashstats] 500 Internal Server Error searching for EXC_BAD_ACCESS / KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert P1 VERIFIED FIXED
822484 [socorro-crashstats] Use new crash_data middleware service [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert -- RESOLVED FIXED
842720 [socorro-crashstats] colors of /daily don't match php app Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED FIXED
843867 [socorro-crashstats] missing /status/json endpoint [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert P1 RESOLVED FIXED
844140 [socorro-crashstats] Login not getting right privileges Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED DUPLICATE
844962 [socorro-crashstats] 500 when loading topcrasher with product=None Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
845439 [socorro-crashstats] per-OS topcrash list has wrong order and messed table headers Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED FIXED
846376 [socorro-crashstats] Search defaulting to "is exactly" instead of "contains" [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert P1 RESOLVED FIXED
846815 [socorro-crashstats] Selecting a crash signature leads to signature not found Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED FIXED
847281 [socorro-crashstats] Crash trends report is incorrect when landing on the page. Schalk Neethling [:espressive] -- RESOLVED WORKSFORME
847293 [socorro-crashstats] /daily drop down has too few versions Brandon Savage [:brandon] -- RESOLVED FIXED
847294 [socorro-crashstats] Query is empty for [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert P1 RESOLVED FIXED
848497 [socorro-crashstats] version still isn't always passed correctly to report/list, part deux Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
849897 [socorro-crashstats] old URL doesn't work in new app [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert P1 RESOLVED FIXED
850988 [socorro-crashstats] The drop down for products are in a different order and is missing Camino Brandon Savage [:brandon] -- VERIFIED FIXED [fromAutomation]
850991 [socorro-crashstats] Product Version is in sequential order instead of reverse order [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert -- VERIFIED FIXED
855382 Use MozLDAP to look up group membership -- RESOLVED WONTFIX
855384 Use native LDAP lookup to look up group membership Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
855392 proxy /correlations URLs to old PHP service server-ops-webops -- RESOLVED WONTFIX
860514 [stage][socorro-crashstats-django] 500 Internal Server Error: BadStatusCodeError Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- VERIFIED DUPLICATE
865481 Use of models.CrashPairsByCrashId failing for report index with HangID in raw data Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
867556 [socorro-crashstats] Double "Ver" column header in topcrash reports Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED FIXED
868882 [socorro-crashstats] gfxContext::gfxContext not showing up in /report/list Jannis Leidel [:jezdez] -- VERIFIED FIXED
879359 [socorro-crashstats] /daily uses wrong params for start/end date Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED FIXED
881615 [socorro-crashstats] crash number different between Top Crashers and Signature Summary views Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
881616 [socorro-crashstats] same correlations several times for a signature in Top Crashers Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
881617 [socorro-crashstats] favicon missing on stage/prod Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
881625 [socorro-crashstats] Crash signature has not the right format when filing a bug from Socorro Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
881627 [socorro-crashstats] Install Time missing in Crash Report Header Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
881630 [socorro-crashstats] Internal Server Error for crash queries on products different from Firefox Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- RESOLVED DUPLICATE
881632 [socorro-crashstats] Unable to display Graph Data from Top Crashers [DEACTIVATED] Adrian Gaudebert -- RESOLVED FIXED
881709 [socorro-crashstats] Stuck when filter with no crashes in Top Crashers because of missing header Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
882489 CorrelationsSignatures should not raise NotFoundError Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] -- RESOLVED FIXED
883172 [socorro-crashstats] Reports table in reports/list has too few reports listed Jannis Leidel [:jezdez] -- RESOLVED FIXED
885868 [socorro-crashstats][traceback] RequiredParameterError: versions Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED DUPLICATE
885877 [socorro-crashstats] Two, duplicated Crash Trends options in the Report selector Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] -- VERIFIED FIXED
886604 create crash-stats-php.m.o server-ops-webops -- RESOLVED FIXED
887900 point crash-stats.m.c -> crash-stats-django server-ops-webops -- RESOLVED FIXED

42 Total; 0 Open (0%); 29 Resolved (69.05%); 13 Verified (30.95%);

PR Triage

Other issues

  • When can we turn off the PHP app? [everybody]
  • API status [peterbe]
  • Goal review (see link below)


  • peterbe expecting a baby (yay!) - June 13 estimated date
  • brandon out 6/12 - 6/15
  • mbrandt SeConf 6/10 - 6/14 (limited availability)
  • Schalk ~ Public Holiday (Youth Day) 6/16