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Last updated: 2015/12/15

Warning signWarning: The bugsmaster's role is changing and information on these pages will be out of date. Emceeaich (talk)

What we do

Mozilla bugmasters manage bugs. We investigate incoming bugs to ensure their information is correct. We also work to add information to confirm and replicate them. Improving meta-information on bugs readies them for developers to fix. We work as a community with each other, with bug reporters, with support teams, with the quality assurance (QA) team, and with developers to improve the flow of information in bugzilla.mozilla.org.

"Triaging" a bug can mean a lot of different things depending on context. In general, it means adding more information to a filed bug. Here are some of the specific tasks of bugmastering:

  • Early triage on incoming bugs to sort out support requests and non-actionable bug reports.
  • Closing out very old bugs to improve Bugzilla's signal to noise ratio.
  • Replicating and confirming bugs; changing their status from UNCONFIRMED to NEW.
  • Determining the correct product and component for an untriaged bug.
  • Marking bugs as duplicates of existing, better documented issues.
  • Creating a reduced testcase for a bug.
  • Regression testing with mozregression to narrow or pinpoint when the bug first appeared.
  • Pinning down information for crash bugs.
  • Working with user advocacy and developers to bring neglected, but important, bugs to light.
  • Catching high priority bugs that may block future releases.

How to Contribute


Here are some of our ongoing bug management projects. Join in any time, or look for the next bug day where we focus on a particular project to talk about it on irc.mozilla.org on the #qa channel.

The cutting edge!

Work closely with developers and QA to do regression testing and narrow down the sources of bugs in upcoming releases of Firefox!

  • Nightly bugs: The flaming edge... download the Nightly developer release and try to replicate the bugs reported.
  • Aurora bugs : Not quite the beta release! More stable than Nightly and we have more time to fix the bugs reported.
  • Beta bugs : The beta release! More stable than Aurora... will become the main Release channel.
  • Release channel bugs: The current release! These bugs are easy to start triaging, because you don't need to set up multiple Firefox profiles to get started.

Other popular triage projects

  • Website bugs : Bugs in Mozilla websites. These are usually easy to replicate and comment on. Good for new triagers.
  • Incoming bugs : Incoming!! The last 24 hours of new bugs.
  • Firefox Unconfirmed: Firefox bugs from the last 2 months.
  • Middle-aged bugs: These older bugs really pile up. They need love too! If you like to reduce clutter, go for it.

Special focus

  • Bugmasters/Projects/FirefoxOS Unconfirmed bugs. About 5 new bugs are reported every day. Often they need more information from the bug reporter.
  • Mentored bugs: List of bugs marked as good first bugs or mentored bugs.
  • Core:Layout bugs: Good for web developers to have a look at!
  • Support bugs: Bugs in the infrastructure for support.mozilla.org.
  • Accessibility bugs: Help the Access team add new info to bugs and learn about web accessibility.

Tips on starting triage

1. Sign up for a Bugzilla account.
2. Make a Mozillians account and tag yourself "bugmasters" and "triage".
3. Join the irc channel and the dev-quality mailing list. Introduce yourself on the list!
4. Try the bug triage tutorial.
5. You might want to install the BugzillaJS add-on.

At first, you will only be able to comment on bugs. You can also add a "needinfo" flag to ask questions. After you have added information to several bugs, let us know in the #qa irc channel, and we can give you the ability to confirm and then edit bug reports.


If you are interested in managing bugs, please join us for the regular bugmaster meetings every other Thursday at 9:30 AM pacific.


Get in touch with us. Don't hesitate to communicate using:

Bug days

  • Bug days: Every Tuesday on #bugmasters beginning on Feb. 26th. This is a great place to start. Drop by on IRC and you can help manage bugs with us in real time. New contributors very welcome!

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