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The time had come for me to look into upgrading our bugzilla system. So, I did the standard (or should be I guess) thing, and I took a poke around our current bugzilla installation. I found that the current system Fedora Core 3, MySQL 3.x would not be compatible with the newest version of bugzilla and testopia (testopia will be covered in a bit).

So, I did some google searching to find out if migrating from our current versions to the latest and greatest would work and ofcourse... NOPE.

The main things that I need to worry about are

  • create a blank database
  • do a database dump of the current bugzilla
  • import the current database into the new blank database
  • remove all tables regarding the old testrunner app
  • install testopia QA test tools
  • fix the gui templates or just customize the defaults (I pick this one)

Create New Database

To create the new database I just ran the following command.

[root@host]# mysqladmin create bugs

Import old data

Ok, now we need to do a database dump from the old bugzilla. I used a small backup program from rsnapshot called mysqlbackup.pl.

Once I have my backup. I gunzip it, and then run the following command.

[root@host]# mysql -D bugs < your-database-dump.sql

this will import the database with all of it's tables etc. You could use phpmyadmin to do this.

Remove old Testrunner

Now this part took some time to figure out. Until I figured out that you have to remove the old tables for the old testrunner version before doing a new bugzilla installation. The install would fail everytime.

This part I did with phpmyadmin. Just go to your phpmyadmin URL and select the bugs database. You will see all of the *test* named tables. Mark the checkbox by each one. Once that's done, click the drop down menu below and choose drop and then click yes to confirm.

Run Bugzilla Setup

Now you will need to run the main configuration script for bugzilla. cd to your bugzilla root and run ./checksetup.pl, you will see some stuff scroll across the screen.

Just following the prompts. Once your finished with that, edit the newly created file in that dir called localconfig. Change the DB connection settings to fit your installation. Save and exit and then rerun the checksetup.pl script. This time the script will upgrade/update the bugs database. Once complete your ready for the testopia portion of the installation.

TestOpia Installation

You will need to download the version that is supported with your bugzilla installation. Download TestOpia. extract it in your bugzilla root dir. Mine is in /var/www/html/bugzilla.

[root@host]# tar xvfz testopia-1.1.3.tar.gz

now you can run the ./tr_install.pl. note: you may need to change the permissions on the tr_install.pl so chmod 755 the file. This script will go about installing and updating bugzilla files, and the database. If you don't receive any errors you should get a nice message at the bottom of your screen. If not, check the testopia website for more information.

Customize the Web Gui

More information regarding this can be found on bugzilla's site. There are alot of things you can do, but at the moment I don't have the time to write it all down.