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  1. In other news
    • A shout-out to mtyson for working on DBD::Pg -- once the maintainer accepts those patches Bugzillas running under Pg will be faster.
    • rpmfusion's bugzilla is migrating from mysql to Pg
  2. Fallout from YAPC
    • Dylan spoke at YAPC and it was largely positive. One thing that is a fallout is that Bugzilla 6.2 should be the first release to deprecate running as a CGI. Of course 6.0 hasn't even been released yet...
  3. Content Security Policy: Update
    • 6.0 should have a default CSP, extensions can choose to disable it or adapt it.
  4. Code Formatting
    • Soon we're going to reformat the entire code base using the PBP (perl best practices) rules.
  5. YUI2 Removal
    • We need to determine how much is left
  6. Bugzilla on Heroku
    • Maybe the 6.0 release will be able to run on heroku, there are a set of patches to accomplish this but they need polish.
  7. Bugzilla Website + Wiki consolidation
    • Information should be consolidated on the website.
    • The new wordpress website is still not ready.
  8. Blockers for 6.0 stand at:
    • YUI2 Removal
    • Sandstone theme being reviewed (by justdave)
    • Nice to have: CSP and Heroku support, but those do not block release.