Build the Robot Party



Basics: Dolores Party

  • What: Building the Robot. Celebrating Firefox 3.
  • Where: Dolores Park, San Francisco
  • When: Sunday, June 22nd, 2008, gathering at 2pm
  • Who: Anyone who can contribute parts or labor
  • Why: The Firefox 3 release will not be complete until the Robot is.


We coordinate mostly on the wiki, but email discussion can be found at our google group.

Part List


We need help gathering all these material. Please sign your name up below if you can help bring stuff.

  • Cardboard: for feet, legs, chest -- pretty much everything. Need 5-10 people responsible for bringing as much post-consumer cardboard as they physically can.
    • polvi - will grab from local office recycling bins
    • patrick - will bring as much as can carry
  • Paints: Spray or conventional paint, need to paint the cardboard. Need lots of silver and red. Details need blue and white.
  • Chicken wire: handy for creating rounded parts
    • patrick - will see what we can scroungeup.
  • Tin foil
  • Ladders
  • Supporting materials: 2x4's or some other stuff to help him stand up
    • polvi - maybe rope + some rods of some sort?
  • A Sikorsky S-42 seaplane pulling the Firefox 3 banner: See graphic at the top of the page
  • Assorted LEDs or LED displays for eyes, highlights, etc.
  • Extras such as fire-breathing components / old circuit boards / cool-looking robot stuff greatly appreciated!
  • Plastic jugs and containers
  • Bi-rite ice cream: Mary
  • Real robots to build the robot
    • - this might or might not happen

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Contact us via the mailing list

  • James Brady
  • Amir Nathoo
  • Pat Buckley
  • Justin Santa Barbara
  • Alex Polvi