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Closed Common CA Database Updates

The 'NSS :: Common CA Database' Bugzilla component was created in May, 2021.


Requests for API access to the CCADB as per

Full Query
Last change time ID Summary Status Resolution
2022-05-18T22:51:08Z 1770053 DigiCert - Request for access to CCADB API RESOLVED FIXED
2022-05-18T22:52:26Z 1770054 HARICA - Request for access to CCADB API RESOLVED FIXED
2022-05-19T10:04:52Z 1770055 Sectigo - Request for access to CCADB API RESOLVED FIXED

3 Total; 0 Open (0%); 3 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Roadmap Items

Full Query
Whiteboard Last change time ID Summary Status Resolution
[ccadb-roadmap] not currently needed 2022-01-03T22:13:47Z 1716832 Enable 2-factor authentication for CA Community Licenses RESOLVED WONTFIX
[ccadb-roadmap] 2022-Q1, Q2 2022-08-12T21:44:05Z 1712155 Update Audit Cases to have the new work flow and UI RESOLVED FIXED
[ccadb-roadmap] 2022-Q1 2022-07-08T00:22:13Z 1734497 Update CA Task List Reports RESOLVED FIXED
[ccadb-roadmap] 2021-Q2,Q3 2021-11-17T18:46:18Z 1711589 Enable CAs to update their non-audit information more frequently RESOLVED FIXED
[ccadb-roadmap] 2022-Q3 2022-09-19T18:15:21Z 1791425 New Case Type: Add/Update Root Request RESOLVED FIXED

5 Total; 0 Open (0%); 5 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Enhancement Requests

Full Query
Last change time ID Summary Status Resolution
2021-08-09T16:28:16Z 1711597 Update Microsoft field names and automate filling in the EV checkboxes based on the Microsoft Policy OIDs RESOLVED FIXED
2022-08-12T21:46:08Z 1711598 Provide APIs and OAuth for Microsoft to automate their root store updates to CCADB RESOLVED FIXED
2021-08-09T16:34:02Z 1711782 Have CCADB perform checks about applicable audits before sending the data to ALV RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T17:19:59Z 1711980 Improve behavior of when a Policy Document is created in a Case, and then immediately deleted. RESOLVED FIXED
2021-07-19T21:28:06Z 1712015 Add ‘JSON Array of Partitioned CRLs’ field RESOLVED FIXED
2022-05-09T16:55:10Z 1712018 Salesforce errors related to browsers blocking cross-domain cookies RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T18:10:59Z 1712020 Add ‘Copy Policy Documents’ button on Root Inclusion Cases RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T17:36:14Z 1714707 Enable CAs to delete Root Inclusion Root Cases that are mistakenly created RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T17:30:32Z 1715398 Adopt ICU Locale Formats in CCADB -- needed before Salesforce Spring 2022 release RESOLVED WORKSFORME
2021-07-19T21:27:47Z 1717706 Increase size of 'JSON Array of Partitioned CRLs' field to 20,000 characters RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T17:41:48Z 1717918 Update logic for ‘Mozilla Request Status’ in Root Inclusion Cases and Root Cases RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-03-31T21:38:28Z 1717923 Policy Doc Migration - post-update cleanup RESOLVED FIXED
2022-01-04T19:33:32Z 1717926 Add Mozilla EV OID Data Integrity Report RESOLVED WONTFIX
2022-09-19T17:35:13Z 1717933 Handle Root Inclusion Root Case deletions and denials better RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T17:24:55Z 1722596 Prevent CAs who are not in any root program from creating an Audit Case RESOLVED INVALID
2021-08-10T21:15:47Z 1724804 Enable root store operators to edit/delete Policy Docs that are 'Complete' RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2021-12-06T20:48:18Z 1731100 Enhance CCADB with Next Audit Statement Due Date and Notifications RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2021-12-06T21:12:21Z 1731114 Apple Root Store Task List and notification emails RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T17:41:48Z 1731860 Update Mozilla Additional Requirements section for new Compliance Self-Assessment RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2021-10-26T18:13:32Z 1733235 In selection of root certs for CCADB Cases also list certificates that have expired in the last 15 months RESOLVED FIXED
2021-11-17T18:26:15Z 1733470 Add 'Full CRL' Task lists for CAs and Root Store Operators RESOLVED FIXED
2021-11-23T01:24:46Z 1735245 Add Trigger to Recognized CAA Domains field to prevent http:// and https:// RESOLVED FIXED
2021-10-13T19:57:13Z 1735607 Remove 'Non-TLS' from 'Pertaining to Non-TLS Certificates Issued by this CA' RESOLVED FIXED
2021-12-03T21:05:57Z 1738089 Update CCADB AccessRequestForm and Open Leads Task List report RESOLVED FIXED
2021-12-06T21:44:57Z 1739182 Update CCADB Policy to specify more about dates RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-10T00:51:33Z 1739255 Update warning message for new intermediate certificates RESOLVED FIXED
2022-01-03T22:52:18Z 1739531 Update the From address of CCADB email from to RESOLVED FIXED
2021-11-30T15:55:38Z 1740773 Update CA Owner/Certificate Information section for intermediate certificates RESOLVED FIXED
2021-11-29T21:32:06Z 1741704 Update Instructions at the top of CA Owner and Root Certificate pages RESOLVED FIXED
2021-12-06T19:24:07Z 1741709 Add CA Task List item/report for Cases that are currently open for the CA RESOLVED FIXED
2022-02-23T00:38:08Z 1750864 Add Close button to CA Information Update Request Cases RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-14T20:51:55Z 1754882 Add to task lists for Chrome and Cisco root store operators: Open Leads, Audit Cases, and Information Update Cases RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-22T17:08:15Z 1756007 Separate logic for Derived Trust Bits and EV SSL Capable from ALV logic RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-10T00:54:35Z 1756705 Remove technically-constrained warning during certificate PEM import RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-14T20:57:38Z 1757656 Remove Expired CA Certificates from PublicAllIntermediateCerts RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-22T17:00:59Z 1758810 Add Parent ID fields and batch job to update them RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T17:40:16Z 1760607 Add "Ready for Discussion" to "Mozilla Request Status" RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-08-12T15:29:38Z 1761304 Apple Root Program BIMI VMC Audit RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-24T23:27:20Z 1761324 Remove Apple status option "EAP-TLS" RESOLVED FIXED
2022-04-06T18:29:53Z 1763104 Update Chrome Root Program Email Address in CCADB RESOLVED FIXED
2022-04-26T18:15:01Z 1763249 Update the Derived Trust Bits batch program to only process the branch of the record that was changed RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-20T03:19:39Z 1770215 Update the mapping from EKU to Derived trust Bits to use Custom Meta Data Type rather than be hard-coded RESOLVED FIXED
2022-06-04T22:48:07Z 1772424 Page cleanup RESOLVED FIXED
2022-07-14T20:48:51Z 1772585 Add field indicating CA Operator when different from the CA Owner RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T17:02:13Z 1779071 [Chrome] Add Google Fields section to New Root Certificate Workflow RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T17:05:27Z 1779073 Consider Separate CA Root Inclusion Request Cases for Separate Root Programs RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T17:10:42Z 1779074 Add Fields to CA Root Inclusion Request Case RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-09-19T18:29:35Z 1779077 [Chrome] Add Google Fields to CA Root Inclusion Request Case RESOLVED DUPLICATE
2022-07-19T18:43:04Z 1779321 Update CCADB new user and password reset email text to be independent of root store RESOLVED FIXED
2022-08-15T20:23:57Z 1784371 Add "Case Assigned To" field to Audit Cases RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T16:49:38Z 1785121 Re-think how the new Case type is closed RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T17:31:54Z 1785301 Add ability to sort the Case Assigned To column in the Open Audit Cases report on Root Store home pages RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-19T16:46:13Z 1787307 Add ability to change status from Verification by Root Store back to CA Providing Data RESOLVED FIXED

53 Total; 0 Open (0%); 53 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
Last change time ID Summary Status Resolution
2021-05-21T14:36:34Z 1711520 Public Print View of Root Inclusion Cases missing data RESOLVED FIXED
2021-07-08T18:33:53Z 1719342 Change error message on Intermediate Certs -- when Auditor is changed need to update Auditor Location RESOLVED FIXED
2021-07-21T17:37:34Z 1721467 Sync Policy Docs Fails: Associated Trust Bits: bad value for restricted picklist field: Private Key Archiva RESOLVED FIXED
2021-08-03T21:09:48Z 1721470 Policy Identifiers list missing space after semi-colons, so the text does not wrap RESOLVED FIXED
2021-07-27T20:47:36Z 1722598 Apex script unhandled trigger exception - notification received July 27, 2021 RESOLVED FIXED
2021-11-29T21:36:14Z 1739306 Problem reporting mechanism list is incomplete RESOLVED FIXED
2021-12-03T21:07:04Z 1744110 Increase size of custom CA Owner Name field on Cases to 255 RESOLVED FIXED
2022-04-07T16:02:10Z 1747834 ExtendedValidation.cpp OIDs field does not appear to be getting updated when EV treatment removed RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-09T00:54:20Z 1747912 Update the External Link in File Archive records that have the old (short) attachmentid values RESOLVED FIXED
2022-01-18T23:02:28Z 1747914 Treat Completed Cases as Closed for the "Open Cases" views RESOLVED FIXED
2022-02-16T01:06:30Z 1754875 EV SSL Capable field is not getting set correctly on an intermediate certificate RESOLVED FIXED
2022-03-22T21:59:32Z 1760708 OneCRL Status gets set to Not Applicable because Derived Trust Bits gets emptied when cert is Revoked RESOLVED FIXED
2022-04-04T21:58:41Z 1762435 Record Type on each object is editable in Lightning RESOLVED FIXED
2022-07-07T22:28:13Z 1778234 Apple fields not getting copied from root cert records to root cases RESOLVED FIXED
2022-07-27T23:16:24Z 1778594 Cannot delete a Policy ID from a policy document in Case #00001766 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
2022-09-23T16:45:06Z 1789011 Case Comments should send email to the Case Creator RESOLVED FIXED
2022-09-06T20:05:45Z 1789480 CAs cannot select "Root Stores Applying To" in both CCADB Production and Sandbox RESOLVED INVALID

17 Total; 0 Open (0%); 17 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);