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CSS3 3D Transforms

Feature Status Dev Lead QA Lead Status
CSS3 3D Transforms Landed in Firefox 10 Matt Woodrow Ioana Budnar Signed off


  • CSS 3D Transforms extends CSS Transforms to allow elements rendered by CSS to be transformed in three-dimensional space.


Use Cases

  • Create 2D elements that can be moved and animated in 3D space (could be used to create interesting 3D UI elements). All the properties of this elements work properly.
  • Preserve 3D elements when sorting them.
  • Ensure transitions are supported for the properties that should support them (e.g. border-bottom-left-radius, box-shadow, background-color etc), and not supported for the rest (e.g. -moz-animation-duration, background-image, text-overflow etc).
  • Try to use CSS3 3D Transforms with layout.3d-transforms.enabled set as "false".

Test Cases

  • Manual test cases can be viewed here.
  • Automated test cases:
    • Reftests in layout/reftests/transform-3d
    • CSS property tests in layout/style/test/test_transitions_per_property.html
    • layout/base/tests/test_preserve3d_sorting_hit_testing.html

Important Bugs

  • 505115 - CSS3 3D-Transforms
  • 677173 - css3-3d-transforms isn't fully disabled since properties (which sites detect) are added to IDL
  • 677878 - no jquery action ellement on enabling css3 properties -moz-transform to ellement input[type=file]
  • 682922 - Crash with -moz-transform-style: preserve-3d
  • 696175 - Crash [@ nsLineBox::CachedIsEmpty] with inline acting as an absolute containing block
  • 704468 - Wrong rotation direction for rotate3d(x,y,z,angle)
  • 692968 - crash when doing javascript animation of 3D transform (css3-3d-transforms)

Not Tested

  • Other CSS Transforms.

Sign off Criteria

  • All test cases were run on the Firefox version the feature is targeted for (Firefox 10.0).
  • All the major bugs have been fixed.