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Forgive if this is the wrong place to ask this- please redirect me- but why do these steps not work on my version of sunbird? i right-click on the calendar tab and there IS no edit calendar button TO click! therefore is still do not know the location of my file, (or even the extension to do a search....) thanks for any help with this!

FAQ entry with no answer?

There is an FAQ entry for sync with Yahoo! Calendar, but when clicking on the question link there is no answer listed.

One assumes (perhaps naively?) that if it is listed as a Frequently Asked Question, that there would be an answer listed (otherwise, it would be a Frequently Asked Question With No Answer and having it as an FAQ entry would be pointless).

Since, again assuming, there ought to be an answer to every FAQ, I wonder if someone with authority to answer it could post such an answer?

In the process of trying to set up a network calendar I've created about 10 Home entries on the side of my can I delete them?

I can't find a delete question anywhere...I've also been unable to create a network calendar visible and usable by the 4 machines on my home network....any links to that would be helpful also..thanks.