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2013 Q3 Services Roadmap

EU Team

(tarek, alexis, hanno)

  • Continue MLS, evaluate incoming data, suggest client side improvements and setup real deployment

Heka (Metrics)

(rmiller, bbangert, vng, trink)

  • Get Heka deployed into Sync, Campaign Manager, Mozilla Location Services and any future Services products.
  • Develop features as directed by ops needs
  • Explore Kibana integration for graphics displays
  • Write to real-time persistent data store (Cassandra).
  • Increased community promotion, internally and externally.


(jrconlin, rtilder)

  • Launch notification service in support of FF Desktop
  • Heka metrics
  • Figure out sharding plan to minimize notification movement between boxes



  • Work with rnewman and PiCl team to define new sync strategy
  • Build out new redundant data plan
  • Explore alternate storage mechanisms (Couchdb, Cassandra)
  • AWS overflow launch
  • Heka integration, new metrics queries (heavy users)