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Sync Tabs is a project in part of the overall initiative of CloudServices/Task_Continuity at Mozilla that aims to ensure your currently open tabs inside Firefox are available via Sync anywhere Firefox is supported.

Planning constraints & assumptions

  • Target audience: Firefox Desktop and Mobile users
  • Target release: Spring 2015 release on Nightly for Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, and Project 105 platforms with a backing cloud service (actual target Firefox release TBD)
  • Adequate Resourcing: Desktop, Android, Project 105, and Cloud Services teams needed for core work. See “Roadmap” below.


The basic back-end of Syncing your active tabs has already been implemented and is currently available to Firefox users with a Firefox Account however we have not promoted the interface such that users can easily find and interact with it. Much of this project will rely on User Experience and Marketing to make headway.

Current Status

  • Sync Tabs v2 (Spring 2015): project definition and requirements underway
  • Sync Tabs v3 (Summer 2015): TBD


Sync Tabs v2 (Spring 2015)


  • Desktop: Bring your Sync Tabs to the forefront of the user experience. For users who are not setup we should be using this area to inform them how to setup an account and what devices we offer.
  • Mobile - Project 105: Sync Tabs feature included as part of the initial feature set including support for the cloud service using Fx Accounts
  • Mobile - Android: Sync Tabs already included as a Panel in Android, more in product promotion may be needed
  • Cloud Services: Sync back-end is already running, UX may want additional information about tabs/pages (favicon etc).

User stories

Metabug: bug

TBD (soon)

Technical notes & decisions

Sync Tabs v2 (Summer 2015)


Research & references


Project Owners

  • Cloud Services Product Manager: Bill Maggs
  • Desktop Product Manager: Bryan Clark
  • Mobile Product Manager: Deb Richardson
  • Engineering Manager:
  • Cloud Tech Lead:
  • Desktop Tech Lead: ?
  • Mobile Tech Leads: rnewman, margaret
  • Technical Project Manager:Ed Wong
  • Desktop UX Lead: Michael Maslaney
  • Mobile UX Lead: Anthony Lam / Darrin Henein
  • QA Lead: