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Last updated: 2014/04/30

A guide to Cloud Services UX initiatives at Mozilla, primarily comprising of Firefox Accounts and its relying services. Please direct questions, objections, and suggestions should to John Gruen and Ryan Feeley.

Firefox Accounts

Firefox Accounts is a privacy-respecting account system that enables a unified experience across supported clients and devices, including Firefox desktop browser, Firefox Android browser, Firefox OS, and Mozilla web properties. Newly launched, its first service is Sync for Firefox desktop and Android, but soon it will used by new and existing Mozilla properties. There are no current plans to use Firefox Accounts to replace Persona a sign-in system for the open web.

Relying Services


Enables synchronizing of Firefox desktop and Android profile data including tabs, bookmarks, passwords and more.

Single Sign-On

Firefox Accounts delivers a unified web-based single sign-in system for supported clients.


Loop is a WebRTC-based video chat client that is being planned for Firefox browsers and OS. Firefox Accounts will be the account system used, though may not be required for link-driven chat sessions.


Please note: these need updating for the FirefoxOS 1.3 MVP currently in progress. See for details.

Concepts + Roadmap

Ideas in this section are speculative, provisional, and possibly not very carefully considered.



General Resources

Date Description Contact
2013-06-04 Air Mozilla : Firefox Desktop User Types in North America Bill Selman
2013-02-04 Air Mozilla : What I've learned about passwords, and why they aren't going away Joseph Bonneau
2012-12-06 Air Mozilla : Online Identity, What Users Care About Lindsay Kenzig / Mary Trombley
2012-08-10 Air Mozilla : Passwords of the Future Crystal Beasley / Sawyer Hollenshead (2012 intern)


Artifacts in this section are provided for historical purposes, and cannot be used for current reference.