Community Meeting - Zagreb, 2012/Agenda

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Sessions will be organized on both days of meeting.


Sessions are starting at 1100H. Main Venue - Multimedia Institute Mama.

1100-1200h - Local communities

  • All guests are going to present their communities, what they did/are doing/will do.
  • Troubles, troubles! - We all have them but important thing is how we resolved them. Exchanging experiences how to cope with bad, unpleasant situations, what types of problems we had, identifying specific problems. Advices, thoughts, predictions and other stuff.
  • Discussion FTW!
  • Communities: Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Ireland
  • Starring: Matjaž Horvat, Oskar Ivanić, Ioana Chiorean, Nikola Matosović, Brian King
  • Note: Maybe longer than just one hour? :)

1200-1300h - Mozilla Intro

1300-1400h - L10n

  • Product
  • Websites
  • Tools
  • Documentation
  • Pontoon
  • Starring: Matjaž Horvat

Lunch! Food! :)

1600-1700h - Firefox Mobile, QA, Mozillians

1700-1800 - Addons


1100-1400h - Community planning

  • Future plans for community
  • Some other things??