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General info

  • Sprint 9 from Nov21st to Dec 2nd
  • Participants Development Sprint: Francisco, Isabel, Sam, Wilson, Guillom, David, Francis and Maria to review the technical tasks done and pending to do for Sprint 8.

Sprint objectives

We need to finish the critical tasks and bugs to upload the client to the stores. We have decided to move the uploading date from Nov 23rd to Nov 24th and the Test Run will be run on Nov 22nd. Critical tasks and bugs that need to be fixed before the uploading will be tagged with "Critical for uploading" label in Github.

Magnet Client Flow for Virtual Beacons

Magnet Client Flow Virtual beacons v4.png

Tasks or Bugs committed for this sprint

Task Assigned Status Status Notes
Look for content for London virtual beacons David, Maria, Isabel Ongoing task
Product validation based on Storytellers demand David Ongoing
No warning message to enable bluetooth if it was off while the app was in background Francisco Not started
Add ability to call Google Analytics from native code Sam Ongoing
Strip console.log and propTypes from production build Guillom Ongoing
No warning message to enable bluetooth if it was off while the app was in background Not started
We need to reimport London History Group source Not started
Look for content for Hawaii ww Ongoing
Improving the experience we already have so users can understand what really happen when "nothing is found" or how to refresh the app Not started
Create a simple FTU/Onboarding experience Not started
Bug - Notification is not dismissed after expanding it and tapping on the visit button Not started
Notifications persist after opening the app Not started
Bug - Magnet app for iOS freezes when subscribing/unsubscribing channels Not started
Prompt when data is disabled and there are virtual beacons Not started
Prompt when location services are disabled Not started
Notifications - Opening app from a notification should open it in list view Not started
Read the latitude and longitude from the scanner Guillom Ongoing
Add a parser to extract 'next' and 'prev' hrefs Sam Ongoing
Make settings: Show distance and Remove old items only available for debug builds Not started
Add a map for virtual beacons Guillom Ongoing
Notifications service extension Francisco Ongoing
Virtual beacons should report short_url not final url Sam Done

Issues during this sprint



Actions taken from last sprint

Things that went well

Things that went not that well

Actions for this sprint