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Current Projects

  • Project Lighthouse - A product for people with visual impairment to have equal access to everyday things and lead a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Project Magnet - Your own, personal user agent for the content that is around you.
  • Project SensorWeb - Your own crowdsourced, real-time and hyper-local PM2.5 air quality monitoring system.
  • Connected Devices Platform - An open-source platform for the Internet of Things based on Mozilla values

Project Backlog

  • Project Abigail: is a product that ensures families can stay peaceful & relaxed throughout their day knowing that Abigail is keeping track of their schedules, to-dos & monitoring every little thing that matters to them!
  • Project GameON! - Enhancing the experience of physical board game using technology.
  • Project Haiku - Aims to improve people’s lives with technology that empowers them to connect with the people they love. We're currently focused on a device that connects grandparents and their school-age grandchildren (age 6-10).
  • Project HomeWeb - Directly monitor your home over the web, with no middle man.

Closed Projects

  • Project Tablet: Exploring a simple, single-purpose tablet, completely dedicated to browsing the web.
  • Project Link: Personal user agent for the smart home, creating a web of things that is completely yours.
  • Smart Kitchen helps answer the question, "What's for dinner?" by identify your existing inventory, and then suggesting recipe options based on available refrigerator ingredients.
  • Project Cue makes use of an always-on voice-enabled smart screen device to set reminders and manage and keep track of activities, events, and to-do lists of family members.
  • Project Vaani: Project Vaani aims to bring a voice interface to the world of connected devices, using open and customizable technologies. We have stopped the Vaani-powered prototype called Vaani-Local and moved the technology building work under "Platform & Tools"
  • Smart Displays project is set out to explore the role of displays at home and understand what role displays might play in the future connected home and opportunities for innovation.