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Program Description

The Research and Development Team in Connected Devices are working to ensure the best products and services get to the end user.

There are currently three different tracks of research.

  • Technical Research
  • User Research
  • Market Research

Looking at the internet of things and connected devices through these three tracks will give Mozilla a better view on what end users need to make their lives easier.

Technical Research

As Mozilla transitions into the IoT and Connected Devices space, we need to take the time to immerse ourselves in existing products, services, libraries and frameworks so that we can gain experience and insight in this market. It will also help us to identify opportunity gaps which will inform our strategic and product direction in this space. General Research Can be found on Github Open issues indicate projects currently being worked on.

Vaani - Check out voice services from a Developer Perspective

  • Review of -, Watson developer cloud, Alexa Voice Service and
  • Reza has reviewed his findings with the Vaani team and pulled out a few key points that he thought were benefits.
  • You can also watch the Research Review Video to see the team's discussion.

Sensor Web - Investigate existing work for Sensor Web

  • Recommend that we use OGC standards when developing our software
  • We should take a closer look at either Whiskers or Open Sensor Hub, since they sound like they meet our needs.

Smart Home - NFC for Smart Home

User Research

We now have a team of user researchers who are working with projects to provide support when running surveys, conducting 1:1 interviews or reviewing data collected.

While a lot of knowledge exists within the organization, there has been no consolidated work trying to look at this from the perspective of the end user. This project will, led by Connected devices, explore these opportunities and related needs within end users.

Market Research

Extensive Market Research will allow Mozilla to analyze the competitive landscape in connected devices showing what ideas users are very satisfied with as well as reveal gaps in user experience.

Mozilla employees please see Market Research Resources Mana for more information.

Further Resources

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