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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 16 June 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Work on your story (if you're done with your story, start drafting your personal Q3 goals)


  • Please read -- we won't go through this information together in the meeting, but everyone needs to know about this.  Send any questions or comments  to the team alias.

  • 1:1s for this week
    • Be ready to talk through your initial thoughts on Q3 goals

  • Communications
    • What we'll share with the project this week
      • Larissa's and William's stories of growth
      • Video recording from Town Hall and ideas that everyone can do that came from Grow Mozilla discussion last week
    • What we'll share with the People team this week

    • What will we share with the People leads this week

  • Strategy lens discussions
    • Business and Legal Affairs: Denelle was very receptive to the idea of scaling up the privacy/policy community in 2nd half of the year.  She was also open to dedicating someone on the team 10/hours a week to help coordinate the community efforts.  She'll be talking to her team about who that is.  Denelle also asked for help doing some 'design for participation' work with Susan's BD team.
    • Platform Engineering: Bob is looking to grow community around web compatibility, QA, location services and webdev and he said he really appreciates the support we've given his team so far.  We talked through challenges with scaling both QA and webdev without having dedicated community building resources on those teams.  For QA, he said that Clint is talking with him about options.  For webdev, there is no great answer right now but he was very enthusiastic about finding an answer here so it's worth revisiting with him.
    • Marketplace: Rick is happy where things are with how we're supporting Amy and he shared that there are more volunteers wanting to help with app review than there are apps to review.  Rick wants us to support Wil with webdev community building for Marketplace and he sees tons of potential here -- he also understands that it's hard for us to support webdev now with the fractured internal system and non webdev community manager.  He also sees tons of potential for DevRel and wants us to talk more with Stormy about helping her develop a call to action that isn't necessarily more of the same work they've already been doing.
    • Upcoming: Johnathan and Li
      • For Johnathan, have an ask for dedicated l10n community manager

  • Stories Schedule
      • Week of June 2: Pierros:
      • Week of June 9: Note: Larissa will be posting next week because the 2 day long design sprint for Get Involved page ate up time for writing story this week
      • Week of June 16: Larissa/William
      • Week of June 23: Michelle via About Community Blog post for content services
      • Week of June 30: Christie
      • Week of July 8: Jennie

  • PTO/Travel
    • David has jury duty this Tuesday -- will reschedule meetings for that day and for latter in the week too if I end up getting selected
    • Larissa is at MozCamp Bangalore this week June 16-23 and then Open Source Bridge (Speaking) next week, arriving home June 27
    • David is on PTO June 30-July 4 (in England)
      • Will be working from July 7-July 11 from Paris office
    • Christie is out of office 23-27 June for Open Source Bridge
    • Jennie is at PyCamp in Oshkosh, WI June 12-June 20
      • ADACamp June 21-June 22
      • Also at OS Bridge with Christie and Larissa June 23-27
    • Michelle is in NY at Content Services Work week June 14-19th-- on email, not in meetings
    • Michelle is out June 30-July 4 on PTO


  • Nominations for community building superstar badge (2 minutes)
  • Rotating Updates (5 minutes)
    • This week: Larissa? I fear I failed to communicate my travel dates well somehow. Sorry! --L
    • Next week: ?
      • Michelle to update on content services after the work week-- June 23

  • Blockers
    • Is anyone feeling stuck on anything?

  • Work week
  • Goals
    • For Q2 goals: Flag any concerns you have for at risk goals in your 1:1 this week and mark status on the goals pad by the end of the month
    • For personal Q3 goals: Start drafting personal goals on pad when you're done with your stories
      • Michelle:  I'll have this done end o0f this week, but work week participation will make it slow. 
    • For high-level Q3 goals:
      • Grow the number of active contributors in the Mozilla community to 10,000 
        • We just identify the areas we'll focus on scaling in Q3: Location Services,  Privacy/Policy and 1 or 2 more -- Webdev maybe (Cmore, Bob Moss and Rick want to see this).  DevRel maybe?  L10n?
        • Can Daivd and Michelle talk to Stormy and Janet about Dev Rel before we take this goal.  I feel it's important for us to align with partnergroups so that they have context on why we are pushing in the high leverage areas. 
      • Increase our contribution metrics by integrating at least four more existing contribution systems into the dashboard 
      • Create and launch an internal marketing campaign about the Contribution Lifecycle to showcase momentum and model growth activities 
        • This would include stories of scale we'll write and more details about types of partnerships
          • What stories from last quarter will be good for July and August of this year.  We need to move storytelling to a more regular cadence, not all at the end of the quarter. 

        • Is there also a challenge component here?
          • +1 to monthly challenges on growing community. Loved Christie's suggestion about open meetings/ everything on the wiki as possible first choices. 
      • Provide training and toolkits to better equip volunteer contributors to recruit  others into key participation pathways at a v2 MozCamp  (Engagement)
      • Launch the redesigned “Get Involved” page and measure conversion rate of people who become active contributors (Engagement)
      • Issue badges in 4 of the high growth contribution pathways (Foundation)

  • Community Building meeting at end of year
    • Does someone want to take an initial pass at some thoughts about this to get things rolling?  If so, let's talk more in our 1:1 this week
      • My suggestion- our team is 100% in support of internal partners.  How do we make sure that our working group work is creating and driving work that is what they need?

  • Creating visibility on our partnerships
    • Review of SmartSheet content
    • More refinements to come in Q3

Action items

  • Action items from today

  • Action items from last week: 
    • Jennie reached out to Emily