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Previous Action Items


21 Bugs fixed last week Here are the highlights:

  • several URLs throughout the web app have changed format from using the URL path to using query strings for representing variables (?product=Firefox instead of /product/Firefox). The old URLs still work but are deprecated; please adjust your bookmarks accordingly.
  • data from partner builds now appears in reports clean
  • reports with lots of comments are now much faster
  • a bunch of UI paper cut fixes.


  • When desktop automation turned on crash reporting, we found a reproducible Flash crash on deleting cookies, see bug 980938.
  • Java on Mac: bug 984447 is this really a topcrash?



  • New startup crashes, possibly related to a new libc version on Ubuntu 14.04 Beta? (see bug 984445)



  • bug 984361 - crash [@ PushMarkStack]
  • bug 984358 - crash in nsPNGEncoder::ConvertHostARGBRow(unsigned char const*, unsigned char*, unsigned int, bool)




  • Flame : bug 975739 - [Flame]white screen of death occurs after H264 encoded video
    • still doing investigation around the bug; Open C gecko/gaia works on them.
  • Tarako : need to check if they are reporting and what they are reporting
  • need to request 28.0 (1.3) from Socorro


  • bug 970403 - crash in android_atomic_add
    • still need STR
  • bug 983976 - crash [@ ] when launching Usage app after app's initial setup
    • QA investigating if it's just a Geeksphone issue or not
  • bug 964537 - crash in strlen | __vfprintf


  • lots of old data need new data.
  • QA has lessened the testing to smoke tests and qawanted due to 1.3T


Upcoming PTO

  • Lonnen on PTO Monday, Tuesday
  • dmajor is moving to the New Zealand office. PTO from March 22 to April 2. New Zealand will be UTC+12 after April 6.

Action Items

  • KaiRo to figure out if bug 984447 is really a Mac topcrash.
  • Naoki to file a bug to get B2G 28.0 reporting going on Socorro.