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Things that we are doing well

  • Communications with Socorro team
  • Release - good job nominating issues and tracking
  • Good at release to release comparison - crashes per 100 ADU
  • Rapid release - pretty good at fixing code crash regressions introduced in a release cycle
  • Mitigate out of memory crashes
  • Outreach to partners to get them engaged in fixing problems - Kev
  • Better tools for users who are crashing a lot
  • Good additions for mobile
    • URLS
    • Skiplists
    • Top crash reports
  • Socorro links to bugs
  • Signature summary
  • Fixed lots of small things in Socorro
  • Not losing crash report data
  • Good at logging top crashes

Things we could be doing better

  • Getting developers assigned to top issues in particular lower volume crashes
  • Communications to the lists/blog
  • Less good at working lower priority crashes - long tail
  • Engineering community not as connected with crash process
  • No clear way to communicate good metrics - how we are doing
  • Triage - lots of volume
  • Not done much since OOPP to help with plugin issues
  • Have not improved our ability to deploy blocklist
  • Not made a blocklist tool for handling large problems
  • Mobile can't persist state
  • Socorro not good at adding new reports
  • Socorro - lots of shifting priorities, creating churn
  • More community involvement
  • bad bucketing
  • network issues
  • not setup to scale easily
  • crash investigation very labor intensive - need to automate more things
  • classes of crashes that are getting little attention


  • Mailing list for crashkill
  • Sorted bug list by Socorro rank
  • Notification to users crashing a lot
  • Crash rating system