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Intros - one thing you would like to accomplish this week

  • Jorge - communicate the challenges that the add-ons team has to deal with, particularly with crashes
  • Alex Keybl - brainstorming around how to deal with new issues, QA focused on exploratory testing. Old issues - explore how to get bugs actionable, how to prioritize problems for engineering - how effective would be a stability. Revisit WinQual - how can we use this data. Field questions around daily builds and such.
  • Laura - what's going on with Socorro - dlls directory, graph server. By listening to conversations, suggest what we could be building. Understand WebRT/rapid betas - few questions.
  • Peter B - getting involved in Socorro website - find out what matters in the website. What sections of the website matter and what don't.
  • Lars - Socorro architect - looking for interesting things to implement - what can be improved.
  • Bsmedberg - wrote the first Socorro version - manage the plugins team, likes to diagnose crashes.
  • Cheng - feedback - users are whining about crashes. Outreach. Ways to diagnose crashes better with user involvement.
  • Brandon Savage - working on dlls directory. What he can do to help the team
  • Delphine - community coordinator - learn and get involved more
  • Lonen - High level overview of what our users are looking forward to - rapid betas - understand the problems and what we can do to fix them.
  • Adrian - responsible for elastic search - view of how we use crash stats. What do we need to focus on.
  • Matt Brandt - QA lead for Socorro - understanding the user stories - basecamp/k9o support. What's our part in that. Stories that the team can focus on.
  • Kevin Brosnan - mobile stuff - android
  • Ted - Client/breakpad
  • Kairo - crashkill team - improving communication between teams, plans, roadmap, initiatives - networking issues, plugins, hangs
  • Josh - mac port, plugins - how to consume information about crashes and stability problems efficiently.
  • Marcia - QA, look at crash data constantly - interested in improving the workflow and data flow - recognize issues better.