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Mozilla staff speak at, host and attend developer events all over the world on a regular basis.

If you're a staff member, the Developer Relations team can help you!

  • Can assist with speaker training, slide deck review
  • Review conference CFP proposals
  • Help with conference negotiation and coordination
  • Provide funding for travel expenses, for developer-focused trips
  • Provide funding for events you host, for developer-focused events
  • And more!

To contact us, see the main DevRel wiki page.

Read on for details about how DevRel can support you in your public appearances.

Event Calendars

We want to know where you're speaking, as well as where and what about. If you're speaking at an event or hosting an event, add it to the Staff DevRel calendar below. This will help us highlight your appearance/event in our public communication and make sure it shows up in the Mozilla event calendar.

Include your name, the topic, and any relevant event details.

  • If you're staff, click this link to add the calendar to your Mozilla Google Calendar. You'll then have the ability to add events to it.
  • Public ical - You can add this to any calendar client that supports ical format, such as Apple iCal.
  • Public web page - A web view of the calendar for anyone to view.

Hosting Events

Mozillians host events for developers in our offices and elsewhere on a regular basis.

For in-office developer events:

For out-of-office developer events:

  • File your event through the Dev Engagement request form, which puts it on the radar for Dev Engage and DevRel.
  • Include the details for anything you need funded.

Sponsoring Events

If you are a developer at Mozilla and have gone to a conference or meetup of any kind, it's likely you've been asked if Mozilla can be a sponsor.

How should you answer? Here's how:

"Mozilla does sponsor some events! Fill out the request form [1]. Our developer relations and events team come together each week and process these requests. Sponsorship is often dependent on relevance to our mission, and whether Mozillians are participating in the event."

SWAG / Gear

Do you need stickers, lanyards, or other gear for any of the following?

  • For an event
  • For a contributor
  • For your own use for other Mozilla purposes

Before you order:

  • Please be specific about why you need it
  • Please do not order more than you need
  • Please order as far in advance as possible

You can request gear and swag using this form:

How to Bill DevRel (WIP)

  • Egencia
    • TODO: How to set approver and cost center and note that bill should go to devrel
  • Expensify
    • TODO: How to set devrel as billing group
  • ServiceNow
    • TODO: How to change cost center to devrel

Other Expenses (WIP)

  • fees