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Oh Hai There Noob!

We're excited to have you here!

Undoubtedly, this as well as all the other tooling, links, and context you are processing will take a little while...but this guide will be here for you throughout!


Services You Should Sign Up For

  • Lastpass (first use a personal address, then create a new one for your MoFo (not yet available). )
  • Bugzilla (if you haven't already)

Forms You Should Fill Out

  • DevOps ssh pub key form (if you don't have your ssh key set yet, see this guide for a how-to)

Services to Get You Signed Up For

  • New Relic -- App / Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Opsview -- App / Infrastructure Monitoring (Do you need email alerts for some apps? Which?)
  • Jenkins -- Deployment Server
  • Github Mozilla groups for your github id (which is...?)

Software You Should Install

  • Vagrant / Virtualbox
  • Node.JS (From Chris Lea up-to-date repo)
  • Heroku Toolbelt
  • Git

Steps You Need to Take

  • Generate a GPG key, and upload your encryption public key to (with your mozilla email address)

Software You Could Install

  • Sublime Text (2 or 3)
  • Github Atom Text Editor
  • UTC Bar (Apple App store)
  • Cyberduck or S3fox (S3 / FTP / SFTP Client)
  • Source Code Pro Fonts
  • New Relic Menu Bars (Apple App store)
  • MySQL Workbench
  • pgAdmin3 (Postgress Client)
  • VMWare Fusion (Available in ServiceNow from Mozilla)

Services You May Like

  • iRCCloud
  • Safari Books (Mozilla often has licenses for this, see ServiceNow)

Some Links to Check Out and Maybe Bookmark