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  • havi
  • potch
  • Jason
  • nick
  • dietrich
  • jensimmons
  • sandra
  • callahad

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Look forward to 1:1's checking in on your Q3 goals.
  • Add-ons team has an aggressive schedule and has a lot of work that they want us to supply.
    • (Web extensions API/FxOS Addons for 2.5)
    • TODO: Email devrel list if you're willing to handle ongoing relationship w/ :adora

2-Minute Updates


  • Still working on SDL/emscripten examples
  • reviewing games for js13k competition
  • Working on jsconnect presentation performance tools
  • working with Orange on evangelism plan for them
  • Ahmed is now working on RTL work for us
  • got the go ahead for Fxos port to RPi2


  • Working on Push API demo
    • Learning ServiceWorkers and becoming way more familiar with Promises
  • Researched HSTS / HPKP re: evangelism query
  • Working on getting Brazilian visa for MobileBrazil in November
  • Worked on Lanyrd calendar for a bit
    • Lanyrd Pro has what we want, but crazy expensive ($1200/yr)
    • For free, Lanyrd almost does what we want:
      • Exports a calendar of every event we'll be at, but not our specific talks
      • Requires manually adding events to a "Guide" on Lanyrd
      • Upcoming only, doesn't list past events.


  • Finished reviewing chapters 7 - 9 of FxOS book, done!
  • Letter of recommendation for participation leadership summit candidate
  • IoT meetup planning
  • Readying for kickoff of TechSpeakers 2
  • Wrote a demo app for FxOS tv to use at conferences
  • Logo usage - working w/ branding/legal/etc
  • Still wrangling with People about new hire swag


  • Tech Speakers, season 2 starts tomorrow. Lots of prep and comms.
  • Wrote 5 recommendation letters for volunteers who want to be part of the Participation Leaders/Global Gatherings application process. I will participate in reviewing some of the 350+ applications that came in. Goal is to have a cohort of 100-150 committed "participation leaders" for 2015-2017
  • Hacks posts this week: Nick on VR, potential intern post on video.
  • Working on comms and outreach for View Source


  • Working on talk for Web Unleashed this wednesday:
    • Will also be participating in a "gluttony of tools" fireside chat
  • Spoke with Jen about the hacks redesign!
    • Lots of opportunities to make the design even better
  • Mark Mayo likes the idea of the platform status dashboard
    • So that should happen soon
  • also, mozlando.jpg


  • (at Smashing Conf)


  • Physics + WebVR (reconciling animations + controls)
    • Lots of sillyness
  • WebVR hacks post
  • Getting geared up for screen casting
  • quick look at some SDL2 w/ Jason
  • Taking a look at Vulkan spec follow up w/ Jason
  • MSE docs w/ cmills
  • SIMD hacks post w/ JS intern (Sajjad) and M$ folks?
  • Wrote recommendation letter for a Tech Speaker for Participation Leaders/Global Gatherings


  • lots o admin, HR + IT paperwork should be done, checklists done
  • lots of plane tickets bought. 9 conferences between now and Mozlando.
  • ordered stickers and business cards
  • recorded The Web Ahead 107 with Brett Gaylor, on Tracking on the web
  • wrote first draft of blog post about joining Mozilla
  • wiggling my way into FF engineering teams


  • View Source: IoT speaker Tom Wesselman (Plantronics) needs to connect with Mozilla (email)
    • Stats - 80% speakers filled, 85% of sponsorship goal hit for Q3 (any more active leads appreciated)
  • JSCONF EU next week (w Reject JS and TV Hackday)
  • Unite Boston/Unity Tech conference also next week (attending w Andre V, Naveed, Barry, Luke Wagner)
    • Refreshed website should be up
    • Gamer Fox tshirts handed out during the WebGL talk and to Unity staff (!)


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

Potch will be afk for most of the rest of the week (travel to/fro Toronto)- track me down via email