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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Need people to create video content for November compaign. Respond to email on list if you *don't* have time.
  • MediaRecorder api demo: sole to help
  • Expect to review your Q3 goals in your 1:1 this week

2-Minute Updates


  • Working on connectjs talk
  • 2016 Planning


  • Got pulled into a Persona security bug (1208480)
  • Talk on Promises proposed and accepted for this month's NodeMN meetup
  • Lots of work on WebExtension bugs, investigation of Chrome behavior, etc.
  • Continued trying to reach someone at BlueJeans for 1204186
  • Learned about the font-feature-setting and font-variant-ligatures CSS properties
  • Discussed WebExtensions with Reddit Enhancement Suite author
    • Mostly curious about storage options; Jetpack's simple-storage is way broken.
    • Answer: just use localStorage or IndexedDB, but blocked by 1208874
  • Sent a two minor patches upstream to RES (PRs 2464 and 2465)
    • Also got to experiment with add-ons for old Opera 12. They're gross. I miss Opera.
  • Reviewed :pbrosset's upcoming article for Smashing Magazine
  • Still writing Hacks article and prepping for a talk tomorrow.
  • Upgraded to OS X 10.11 El Capitan. No issues.


  • (offline)


  • Hacks blog this week: today - Hacking FxOS on Sony phones (Dietrich), Ahmed's RTL Pt2 post, LAUNCH!!!! of redesign.... Proposal from TW for "How to build an FxOS Add-on"
  • Apps & Hacks newsletter shipped late last week, Spanish edition is pending. Focus on View Source promo, Fx Add-ons & WebExtensions, DE43


  • Hacks redesign goes out tomorrow!
    • Will write a post about it
  • Helping out with Developer Edition demo content
    • Jen Fong and Rachel Nabors also helping


  • making slides more performant, taking notes on how devtools are NOT helping me much with it, giving the team feedback - some things DevAdvocacy-ed, like 1186580
  • preparing for Fronteers this week!
  • spoke to someone who's running a series of videocasts re: running an episode on how to build a thing in Web Audio, livecoding/explaining it as I go
  • started to write a 'how to write a talk' resource, going to use it to help an engineer from France get into more public speaking -> will send to havi for tech speakers!
  • saw VR discussed on the BBC this morning: "you could get into the changing room before the match starts!" "more like smelly reality then"


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