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Just offline notes from Jan Odvarko and Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.9


  • FIXED Issue 1413: Restore position in Script panel after page reload
  • FIXED Issue 4874: Issue 4874: Regression: The Script panel doesn't properly scroll when single stepping
  • Issue 4627: String.prototype methods not showing up (Tasos)
    • Any progress?
  • REVIEW NEEDED Issue 4330: Add an option in computed styles to show em in brackets next to px.
    • Tasos' patch and FBTest need to be checked.
  • FIXED Issue 4866: Regression: FBTests commandLine/2934 and css/3652 fail
    • Should be fixed by Simon

Firebug Automated Testing

  • Pedro not available this week

Memory Leaks

  • NEEDS MORE WORK Bug 669730 - Firebug causes immortal zombie compartments

Firebug Swarms

  • Refactoring the page, so it works together with the DB Brian Hourigan made available instead of XML files

E10S & Remote Debugging

  • Changes still not committed in - syncing doesn't work
  • Perch login still doesn't work for Sebastian bug 650212
  • Brian Hourigan will take care of the Perch login problem.