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Status for August 21, 2015

Overall Project Health - YELLOW

  • While development milestones for signing validation are being met, risks around the number of addons that are not yet signed and the ability of our current review team to meet the needs of the review queues are not sufficient despite heroic effort. E10S is headed for dev edition, but there are many add-ons not yet e10s compatible.

Exec Summary

  • Overall add ons strategy documentation in progress
  • Add-On Signing: is now live in 41 beta, removal of the about:config override preference slated for 42 (excluding ESR and Dev Edition)
  • e10s: e10s will ship in 42 Aurora. Add-on compatibility testing efforts continue to be maintained at Earliest e10s will ship in release is 43.
  • WebExtensions: Extension API landed on Nightly. has details.
  • AMO further roadmap development is on hold pending resourcing.
  • Add-Ons for FxOS are progressing, Status can be found at


Initiative Risks/Issues Owner Mitigation/Approach
Addon Signing Unlisted addons considered critical are being reviewed as soon as they are submitted (unlisted queue is under control) but many unlisted addon developers have not (or are presumed to have not) yet submitted for review. We are at 43% of "need to have" addons signed as per but only 5% of "nice to have". Lisa Brewster/Addons Review Team reaching out to unlisted addon devs to ensure they submit for review, focusing resources on unlisted addon reviews, longer term we are changing how we review.
AMO Review Queue - we have insufficient resources for the listed review queue which is very long and growing. We recently hired one new FTE, but also have had to move one reviewer over to working on the validator improvements. We do have budget for two contract reviewers, start date planned for September 1 . Review queue challenges illustrated here: and Lisa/Addon Review team Additional contract reviewers being hired now for short term mitigation, longer term how we review is being changed, SLA being established, etc.
AMO Validator - the validator has several issues slowing down the queue - it is not providing very useful results to developers, and it is rejecting 4/5 addons. Further, this week substantive resources normally allocated to validator development need to be shifted onto a pending AWS migration from Aug 25 to Sept 24. Validator team, Kev, Larissa We have plans in development, 2 Engineers assigned to improvements, and the first phase of these is nearly complete. We may, given the AWS situation, seek additional resources.

Accomplished for Week

Planned for Upcoming Week

  • process for streamlined review signing of internal mozilla addons (experiments, system addons, lightning, etc) to be published this week
  • further establishment of full add-ons "program"
  • combined Add-On ecosystem schedules and wiki presence in development

Important Links/References