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  • Schedule
  • Beta user stats
  • Stability report
  • Go/no-go decision
  • Repo/mechanics


  • Official "Go To" Beta is still May 17th.
  • The code that's in Aurora on the 16th, will move to Beta and we will do a build from there.
  • The merge happens and we have the choice at that time whether or not the update is put out for all the beta users or not.
  • We have 6 bugs we are tracking and we will either get them resolved or decide they are not severe enough to block.
  • Laura: When will people see this beta live? Probably a couple of days after we do the merge. We will want some time to test this.
  • Christian will work with Laura offline to figure out time line - bugs will be logged for all the web pieces and everything that needs to happen when.
  • Christian will also publish a detailed schedule of the merge timeline so that rel eng and marketing can plan accordingly.

Beta user stats

  • According to crash stats, yesterday's volume on 5.0b1 was 37K.
  • Over the weekend, getting about 11K hits on the first run page per day.
  • Last Thurs/Fri, about 15K hits per day.
  • John: We have been running with 50% throttling so we didn't overshoot. Should we up that?
    • We are going to go to change to 100% unthrottled for that group of people.
    • We will not stop at 100K users either; will offer to all ~417K eligible users.
    • Details in bug 651982
  • Bump in numbers is en-US only - this is because FF5.0b1 is en-US only, not localized.

Stability report

  • Top crash list similar to top crash list for Aurora.
  • No new or explosive crashes have been identified.
  • Still need more users on the channel to get better stability data.
  • A couple of issues with the crash metrics have surfaced
    • We are currently throttling 5.0 crash reports at 10%. We want to change this so that on Beta, we have 100% and throttle on release. Bug 655838 will be fixed today.
    • There is a second issue where the crash rate appears to be miscalculated. For 37K ADUs on 5.0 we have 1600 crashes which seems high if you compare to a similar number of users on the trunk. This is still under investigation. Bug 655846

Go/no-go decision

  • There was a thread on the list about this.
  • What data would QA present to help us make the Go/no-go decisions?
    • What has QA done up to that point.
    • Stability report.
    • Performance? We don't have anybody reporting on this. Most of these should be handled in the Nightly to Aurora transition.
    • Bugs we are tracking that need to be resolved before going to Beta - 6 bugs.
  • Next Monday we will assemble this information to make a go/no-go decision for doing the merge.
  • Matt owns packaging this up for Monday's meeting.
  • Extension compatibility
    • Do we care about this? We probably can't make it part of the calculation for this time but in the future, this will be a bigger part of the criteria.
    • Would we delay going to Beta if an extension is not compatible? Probably something we need to take to the list.
  • There are 2 explicit decisions here
    • Do a beta?
    • Did we do it correctly?


  • All ready for 17may.
    • Still an issue with l10n but it does not affect the merge on May 17th. This *might* relate to the next merge from Aurora-Beta.