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Mar 5, 2024

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Bojidar Marinov [:bojidar-bg]
  • Nikki Bernobic [:echrs]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • Will be filled in after the meeting

General triage

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

(team work week)

Developer Tools


  • Arai fixed an issue where ReadableStream.values() was eagerly evaluated (bug)
  • Alex added a button dedicated to source map settings in the editor footer (bug)

  • By popular demand, Alex added back the preference to control the Debugger Pause Overlay (bug)

    • set devtools.debugger.features.overlay to false if you want to disable it

  • Alex fixed performance issues in the debugger when a page had a lot of sources (bug)
  • Hubert fixed an issue in the debugger where the Outline view wouldn't populate (bug)
  • Julian fixed opening relative URL of <img> on pages with a <base> (MDN) tag (bug)
  • Nicolas added support for incoming input[type=range]::slider-* pseudo elements (bug)

  • Alex added an option in the tracer to track all DOM Mutations (bug)

    • from the console :trace --dom-mutations

    • 839x193px

    • screenshot

    • (Set devtools.debugger.features.javascript-tracing to true to enable the tracer)

WebDriver BiDi

  • Thanks to Kagami who implemented set_permission for marionette driver (bug)
  • Sasha implemented the storage.deleteCookies command for WebDriver BiDi. (bug)
  • Sasha added support for the userContext field of the partition parameter for storage.getCookie and storage.setCookie commands. (bug)
  • Julian implemented a basic version of the network.provideResponse command. (bug)

ESMification status

  • ESMified status:

    • browser: 100%

    • toolkit: 99.83%

    • devtools: 89.29%

    • dom: 96%

    • services: 98.94%

    • Only 10 JSMs left in the tree!

    • Total: 99.35% (+0.00% from last time)

  • #esmification on Matrix

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Migration Improvements

New Tab Page

  • We’re in the early phases of building out an experiment that lets people set wallpapers on about:home/about:newtab. Stay tuned!

Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)

Screenshots (set screenshots.browser.component.enabled to true)

  • The component is now the default on Nightly (bug 1789727) 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Search and Navigation

  • Work continues on Consolidated Search Configuration and improvements from mcheang and standard8)

    • Mandy landed a bunch of patches to get tests ready for the roll out of new search configuration - 1870684

    • Standard8 refactored some code for search settings. 1879625

  • Work continues on Cross-Platform Suggest from adw, daisuke, and karandeep. These fixes include:

    • Yelp suggestions, improving the suggestion feedback button, fixes to weather suggestion

    • Urlbar.impression telemetry removed that is no longer needed

  • Work continues on Search and SERP telemetry categorization from scunnane and jteow

Storybook/Reusable Components

This week I learned