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Iteration #22 Status Report

Production Summary

At the conclusion of Iteration #22:

  • Total Points: 200
  • Points Completed: 134
  • Points Remaining to Aurora Completion: 66
  • Team Velocity: 57
  • Iterations Remaining to Aurora Completion: 1
  • Date to Completion for Aurora: Friday January 31, 2014
  • Forecasted Release Version: Firefox 28 release on March 18, 2014. (View Release Calendar)
  • Percentage of Points Completed: 67%

Metro V1 Status Update

  • At the conclusion of Iteration #22, given the historical velocity performance of 18,30,32,33,42,43,46,47,50,51,56,59,61,63,64,68,74,74,75,77,78,80, the Metro Team has a median velocity of 57.

  • At a median velocity of 57, there is a 90% likelihood that the actual velocity for Iteration #23 will fall between 46 and 68.

  • With 66 points worth of work selected for Iteration #23, there is a 90% likelihood that up to 20 points worth of work could carry over into Iteration #24.

Iteration #22 Performance

  • Team completed 56 points across 35 bugs which resulted in a median velocity of 57 points per iteration.

  • Team velocity decreased by 2 points from the previous iteration.
    • It must be noted that the team did not have a full working iteration of 10 days due to the Metro Work Week which was occurring at the same time.
    • The lack of a full 10-day working iteration resulted in a lower point completion and median team velocity.

  • 3 points of work was not completed during Iteration #22 and carried over into Iteration #23 as was previously forecast by our velocity range.

  • Team accomplished a 94% point closure rate during Iteration #22 which is the highest rate they have achieved to date.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Whiteboard
860081 Higher-resolution overlay button icons RESOLVED Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( [beta28] [ux] p=0 [qa-]
893856 Toast Notifications Image RESOLVED Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( [beta28] [ux] p=0 [qa-]
905621 Stylize the bad url error page RESOLVED Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( [beta28] [ux] p=0 [qa-]
927402 Disabling telemetry through settings still shows "enabled" under about:telemetry VERIFIED Stephen A Pohl [:spohl] [beta28] [defect] p=2 [qa-]
943069 Gmail composition text body slides up too far for editing RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=1
943071 Selection monocles aren't positioned correctly after the browser shifts due to skb display VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=2
944215 OSK not appearing on the first tap under Navigation App Bar (also not dismissing) VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=1
945438 Can't select menu items with mouse in Google's div-based select widgets VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=3
947078 Make the "Include URLs" option for the crash reporter into a checkbox instead of a toggle VERIFIED Allison Naaktgeboren :ally [beta28] [feature] p=2
948139 Add telemetry for switching from Metro to Desktop RESOLVED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [beta28] [feature] p=1 [qa-]
948778 Add vertical rule to tab strip to visually indicate a cut-off point RESOLVED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [beta28] [feature] p=2 [qa-]
950917 Pinned tabs lost when going between desktop/win8 touch/desktop mode RESOLVED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [beta28] [defect] p=2
950986 "Windows 8 Touch" (switch to Metro) not appearing in Australis menu panel or customization UI on a Windows 8 tablet VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [beta28] [defect] p=2
951635 Removing animations from tile swipes in snapped view VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [beta28] [defect] p=1
952297 Left scroll arrow in the Metro tab strip is visible even when tab strip is not scrollable VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=2
952663 Create tests for expected tab strip behavior RESOLVED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [beta28] [feature] p=1 [qa-]
952835 screen goes to sleep while video still playing in Metro Firefox VERIFIED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [beta28] [defect] p=5
952846 Don't ship unused PDF.js files in metro installer VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=1
952906 "Close" button icon for autocomplete isn't visible VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=1
952989 Sliding in Windows Charm while OSK visible on top of Find App Bar will re-appear when selecting "Options" VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=1
952993 Screen isn't wrapping all the way to the top when using the OSK to search for next instance VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=2
953430 tapping on completed download button under about:start produces a blank app bar VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=2
953433 download button using two different colors after completing download VERIFIED Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin][⏰UTC+1] [release28] [defect] p=0
956286 nightly started from taskbar icon doesn't get startup focus VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=2
956368 [session store] Tab Groups lost after switching from desktop to Metro and back VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [beta28] [defect] p=2
956741 Load first run on start page for the first 3 tabs VERIFIED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [beta28] [feature] p=1
957150 Errors restoring session in Metro mode if it contains navigation within a document VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=3
957806 Stylize the Bad URL Error Page - Implementation VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [beta28] [defect] p=2
958166 "browser is not defined" error in SessionStore.js when saving a session with tab groups VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=1
958170 Intermittent unresponsive blank white content on about:start on startup RESOLVED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [beta28] [defect] p=1
959147 Search Results Overlay Minimum Results has Two Blank Tiles VERIFIED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [beta28] [defect] p=1
959399 Firefox users who switch to metroFx and close the browser will lose their sessions VERIFIED Tim Abraldes [:TimAbraldes] [:tabraldes] [defect] [beta28] p=3
959792 On the nav bar edit, can't drag selection monocles for bad domains VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=3
960354 Multi-select drop down menus don't update properly VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=2

34 Total; 0 Open (0%); 9 Resolved (26.47%); 25 Verified (73.53%);