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Input currently offers a set of feedback options that have a very low-bar to submission and offer constraints in order to frame feedback into more actionable items. The drawbacks of such an approach is the loss of more in-depth and very detailed bug reports that can be traced back to a identified reporter. We believe our pre-release users who comprise of more early adopters type users want to and have tried to submit more bug-related feedback, but have been hindered with the current options we offer.


The primary purpose of Tell Us More will be to supplement the sad feedback form with an option for users to submit a bug report into Mozilla bug tracking system and allow our community of triagers to move the bug through its life cycle properly.


  1. User Report creates a bug report in
  2. Users can send screenshots
  3. Mozilla contributors or staff should be able to contact the bug reporters
  4. Users should be able to send a message with their submission (not limited to the same character count)


Submission Form


(Design mock-Up:

Field Description/Requirements
  • Bug Summary
  • 75 characters max length
  • Required field
  • Bug description/Actual_Results/Expected_Results
  • Required field
  • Screenshot Attachment
  • limited to only jpeg, png, gif file types
  • Required field
  • E-mail Address
  • Required field
  • Users will be required to submit a valid e-mail address as a part of their bug report.
    • Bug is not created from their report until e-mail address is verified against e-mail services.
    • There should be a note suggesting users to use the e-mail address attached to their Bugzilla account.
  • Users should be asked whether they want to have an account on created.
  • URL
  • Limited to valid URL types as used in Input's feedback forms
  • Security Checkbox
  • Bug will be set to a private security bug on creation

E-mail Validation

On submission of the bug report to the Tell Us More App, a user's e-mail address should be verified against two places:

  1. Bugzilla: If it exists, file bug with that e-mail address.
  2. If not, then validate (i.e. send confirmation ping to user's e-mail account). If the validation confirms a real e-mail account, then file a bug with a generic input Bugzilla account and add a private comment with the user's e-mail address to the bug report.

Bug Creation

After the e-mail has been validated against Bugzilla and the user's e-mail service, a bug should be filed under Firefox/TriageNeeded with the following fields mapped (some will be mapped using BMO's products.js mapping function):

Submission Form Field Bugzilla Field
  • What's a short summary of what you're seeing?
  • Summary
  • Please Describe your issue
  • What happened?
  • What should have happened?
  • Description
  • Attach a screenshot of your issue.
  • Attachments (private)
  • E-mail Address
  • Bug Reporter field
  • Is there a specific website related to your issue?
  • URL
  • Version No. in User Agent
  • Version (already done by BMO)
  • OS/Platform in User Agent
  • OS/Platform (already done by BMO)


  1. Instancing Bug Reporting Form
  2. Bug Reporting Form



  • Screen capture instanced via the web page
  • about:support information attached to the created bug form


  • A replacement for Input's current feedback options
  • A replacement for Bugzilla