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Feature tracking bug
  • bug xxxxx
  • any other high-level tracking bugs can be listed here

Has a design review been completed? When do you anticipate the feature landing Any relevant status comments for the feature can be placed here.


Describe the goals and objectives of the feature here.

Use Cases

Describe the primary use cases for the feature here.


List functional and non-functional requirements for the feature here, with links back to any relevant product PRD. These requirements should be prioritized.


Describe the rough schedule here, linking back to relevant product release milestones, as well as linking to any build/release notes.

UI Design Documentation

use cases and expected user knowledge (terminology, metaphors, etc) design mockups (of whatever fidelity is easiest) links to relevant user data, bugs, reports, examples, etc

Design Impact

Security and Privacy

  • What security issues do you address in your project?
  • Is system or subsystem security compromised in any way if your project's configuration files / prefs are corrupt or missing?
  • Include a thorough description of the security assumptions, capabilities and any potential risks (possible attack points) being introduced by your project.

Exported APIs

  • Please provide a table of exported interfaces (APIs, ABIs, protocols, UI, etc.)
  • Does it interoperate with a web service? How will it do so?
  • Explain the significant file formats, names, syntax, and semantics.
  • Are the externally visible interfaces documented clearly enough for a non-Mozilla developer to use them successfully?
  • Does it change any existing interfaces?

Web Compatibility

  • Does the feature had any impact on Web compatibility?


  • How will the project contribute (positively or negatively) to "perceived performance"?
  • What are the performance goals of the project? How were they evaluated? What is the test or reference platform and baseline results?
  • Will it require large files/databases (for example, browsing history)?


  • What failure modes or decision points are presented to the user?
  • Can its files be corrupted by failures? Does it clean up any locks/files after crashes?

l10n and a11y

  • are any strings being changed or added?
  • are all UI elements available through accessibility technologies?

Installation, Upgrade/Downgrade/Sidegrade, and platform requirements

  • Does it equally support all Tier-1 platforms?
  • Does is have a hardware requirement (or increase minimum requirements)?
  • Does it require changes to the installer?
  • Does it impact updates?
  • list the expected behavior of this feature/function when Firefox is upgraded to a newer minor release, downgraded by installation of an earlier revision, or re-installed (same version)


  • Can the end user configure settings, via a UI or about:config? Hidden prefs? Environment variables?
  • Are there build options for developers? [#ifdefs, ac_add_options, etc.]
  • What ranges for the tunable are appropriate? How are they determined?
  • What are its on-going maintenance requirements (e.g. Web links, perishable data files)?

Relationships to other projects - are there related projects in the community?

  • If so, what is the proposal's relationship to their work? Do you depend on others' work, or vice-versa?
  • Are you updating, copying or changing functional areas maintained by other groups? How are you coordinating and communicating with them? Do they "approve" of what you propose?


  • Do built-in Help pages need modified?
  • Documentation for


any other implementation or design related documentation

Discussion & Implications

Caveats / What We've Tried Before

links to previous design documents, discussions, etc.


links to external documents that could inform the design of the feature