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This is the outline of possible plans for the Firefox 1.5 release party/partying. Right now, this is just from talking to FactoryJoe on IRC.

  • Radio - Preferably internet conferencing using Ventrilo/Teamspeak/etc
    • Use shoutcast (Works on Linux, Mac, Windows, in XMMS, iTunes, Winamp)
      • Maybe use Peercast too
      • Other "p2p radio" programs to be looked at
    • Use skypein to take phone calls, normal skype to take Internet phonein calls
    • Remote Locations
      • Local Meetup parties, linked back through web.
        • How many people are at each party
        • Tabulations on how big it is in each area/state
        • Interviews with select partygoers
        • General fun
  • Video - Possibly? Interviews again, ability to get things on TV easier
    • Hot chicks
    • Interviews with Devs
    • Did I mention hot chicks?
    • Moderately hot chicks
    • Get on G4TV Attack of the Show(former The Screen Savers)
  • Textual
    • IRC with good mods
    • Maybe IRC transcript of radio for the deaf/low bandwidth
    • possible question and answer relay, taking of questions and repeating on air/whatever
  • Games
    • World of Warcraft party? EQ?
    • Possibility of running a Planeshift server for the purpose
  • Install fests
    • Get your computers cleaned and your browser upgraded at the party
    • Demonstrate Firefox to others on laptops, whatever