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Gabriele is the best person to contact for issues here.

  • Numbers that start with * or #
  • Network replies with some carrier-specific information
    • ex: how much credit left, or data traffic left, enable/disable voicemail
  • Can be transactions
    • Can get a reply, interact with the reply, etc
    • Very hacky
    • Designed for single-SIM
    • UI uses window.postMessage, makes testing difficult, uses setTimeouts
  • Biggest issues: needs multi-SIM support, needs better testing
  • Special function for sending telephony.sendMMI function
    • Should use normal telephony.dial function
  • Hacks depending on the network
  • Whitelist of codes reimplemented on CDMA (normally for GSM) even though it doesn't really have it (we simulate them)
    • Covered well by unit testing
  • Biggest issues:
    • Needs multi-SIM support
    • Needs better testing
    • Replies can be mixed up
      • 1. You send a message
      • 2. Get an event reply on that connection
      • 3. System message (unrelated) triggered when you get a response
        • Juggling both is not easy
        • What we do: ignore the connection events
        • Only set an event handler for system events
        • In there we try to figure out if it was solicited or not