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Brief Overview

Mozilla is participating in Green Festival in San Francisco on Nov. 14-16 (Friday afternoon through Sunday evening). Green Festival is the largest green conference in the U.S. and looks at clean technology, green building, socially responsible investing, eco-fashion, renewable energy, green careers and green collar jobs, natural foods, media and eco-tourism and more. The conference will also host a 3-day Green Youth Summit that will focus on the arts and community activism. Over 45,000 people will be attending.

At the conference, Mozilla will aim to expose Firefox and the Mozilla organization to a new set of end-users that we refer to as "conscious consumers" using our 100% Organic Software message. We'll host a booth, have a speaker (Asa Doltzler) and participate in the Green Web Pavilion along with the ACCRC (Alameda County Computer Resource Center).

Mozilla will be sponsoring the wireless, and also provide refurbished computers for the Green Web Pavillion in conjunction with ACCRC.

Venue Name and Address

San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Important Phone Numbers

Mary - 415-336-5938 Julie - 408-891-9497

Conference Details

Our favorite storyteller will be talking at Green Festival on Sunday at noon! Asa will cover the history of the Mozilla project, and how a small community of activists is building an inclusive Internet and preserving and advancing the non-commercial online spaces which are critical tools in today's sustainability movement.

As previously said, we're partnering with ACCRC to provide refurbished computers (10) at the Green Web Pavillion. The organization saves old hardware from landfills and gets it in the hands of local schools.


10am - 12pm: Booth prep (Julie and Mary)
12pm - 7pm: Booth open

10am - 7pm: Booth open
3pm: Green Web Pavillion Panel. Pkim will take part in it.
5pm: Firefox demo in the Green Web Pavillion

11am - 6pm: Booth open
12pm: Asa's presentation
6pm - 11pm: Need to clean up booth and return ACCRC computers (Julie, Mary, and nice volunteers!)

We need your help!

In order to make it a successful event, we will definitely need your help! Green Festival is a great opportunity to introduce Mozilla to people who may not be aware of our amazing browser and organization. We will have a booth and we would love if you could come help out during those 3 days (we're going to have 2h or 1 1/2h shifts available).

We'd love community members and Mozilla friends to help out as well. We want a broad representation! We will be conducting a small survey at the booth.

Additionally, we need one person to field Firefox questions at the Green Web Pavilion where there will be one computer dedicated just to us! The hours are the same as the booth hours.

If interested in helping out, please put your name below -- there is no restriction to how many shifts one can attend!


Time Booth (2 volunteers) Green Web pavilion (1 volunteer)
10-12pm Mary, William, Barbara, Julie We need help to get things ready for the opening
11-12pm Jane, Alix, Patrick Will join us after their meeting
12-2pm Mary Colvig & Julie Deroche Alix Franquet
2-4pm Laura Mesa & Nicole Loux Patrick Finch
4-5.30pm Jane Finette & Patrick Finch Paul Kim
5.30-7pm Tim Riley & William David Rolnitzky


Time Booth (2 volunteers) Green Web pavillion (1 volunteer)
10-12pm Mary Colvig & Dave Bottoms
12-2pm Laura Mesa & Amie Tyrrel Tony Chung
2-4pm Julie Deroche Clint Talbert
4-5.30pm Catherine Brady Chris Whidden
5.30-7pm Catherine Brady


Time Booth (2 volunteers) Green Web pavillion (1 volunteer)
11-1pm Mary Colvig & Jonas Julie
1-3pm Dayna & Arun Jonas Sicking
3-4.30pm Damon & Stef marcia
4.30-6pm Julie & Atul marcia