HTML5 Games/2012 Road Map

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Draft Q1

  • Work week to solidify year long goals
  • Start porting of project X
  • Help initial wave of games appearing on the Firefox web app store
  • Get all currently in-progress features related to games landed (needs to be more specific)
  • Get definition around computationally intensive issues
  • Gather a list of external industry contacts and contributors to help advise development
  • Start working towards some game-focused hires

Draft 2012 Goals

  • Consistent Performance
  • Make 2D games rock
    • See several appear on the market for the web and mobile.
    • The remaining issues 2D games are facing ironed out.
  • Make simple 3D games work well.
  • See Audio standardize
  • Nail down a positional audio solution that works for developers needs (help Roc get feedback on the spec).
  • Persuade tool makers makers port to HTML5.
  • Setup and maintain a co-operative vision for game development across MoCo and MoFo.


  • Work with game developers to develop a clear set of needs and benchmarks.
  • Consider the processor intensive needs of game developers and how we can address this area.
  • Get graphics card manufactures into the conversation regarding WebGL and Security.
  • Celerity around Mobile targets are
  • Distribution channels, how can we be additive?
  • How to make content distribution easier CDN.
  • Device access needs more celerity.