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  • Weekly notetaker : have you signed up?
  • New Engineering Leadership update from Ben
  • Confirm team breakdown & update list below
    • briefly discuss team status workflow for this meeting
    • [signin] wed prioritization meeting - come if you care! 2013.1.30
  • Conference / Speaking Engagements - anything new that should be added to our schedule?
  • Dev/Ops update from Jared & Gene

Meeting Notes

  • Engineering update
    • reorg = Brendan CTO; our reporting structure does not change
    • Jonath (Firefox desktop), Andreas (mobile), Bob Moss (svs, eng ops) newly annointed VP reporting to BE
    • NB, Brendan, in a CNet interview, mentions Persona as one important way moz is "moving up the stack" (good sign :))
    • this doesn't change a whole lot for us
    • our motto for 2013: be explicit about differences of opinion we might have re client-side services and engineering
    • our other motto is One Engineer: One Focus - ergo, we should stop talking about crews

in lieu of crews, we have these three areas across which to distribute our efforts:

  • 3 major efforts for 2013:
    • Sign Into Web (Persona)
    • My Firefox (Next Generation Sync)
    • Native Persona SDKs (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Don't have enough people for all 3. Focusing on 1 & 2 at the moment.
  • Sharing info with each other:
    • Monday meeting: raise points that all of us need to know, incl. strategic questions, things that impact the whole team
    • Save specific notes about area focus with smaller groups
    • Lloyd notes, regarding native persona (b2g, ios, etc), there's a lot of community - what's the minimum we need to do to keep people engaged and collaborating?
    • Ben has idea - takes as action item

Team Status


  • winding down for now
  • helping marketplace debug payment flows as necessary
  • crossing my fingers :)
  • work is transitioning to Signin to the Web (integration of native support)

Signin to the Web

  • Wondering about our train schedule? Wonder no more, Lloyd created an awesome tool that clear up any questions about where we are with our schedule
  • in issues, *always* include screenshots - this will make skinny happy (and it makes everyone happy, actually. a picture is worth 1024 words.


Dialup Performance


  • Finished dashboard changes
  • Implementing whitelisting for kpiggybank requests
  • Hope to get changes turning on production into next train
  • Setting up staging environment for kpiggybank and dashboard this week, testing



please everyone contribute and participate as you like - Freedom To Focus weekly updates will communicate overall progress wiki page will communicate more detail



  • working on train-2013.01.18 - we are on stage with RSBAC disabled and gene is working on cleaning up RSBAC rules organization for dynamically loading shared objects.
  • have run a small bit of load, and am continuing to check various user agents; have a fair number of bugs to still verify.
  • I am not focussing on bigtent - just that this train is fine for current features



Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • shane and callahad speaking at fosdem
  • françois speaking on the 29th and the 1st at
  • francois organized a Firefox OS App Day in Wellington last Saturday
  • every thursday, Christian et al coordinate who's speaking where - please check in by thursday to get stickers, goodies, etc
  • Android devs at apps day had not heard of Persona - were wondering what it is when signing into marketplace (at the Wellington App Day, francois gave a 15 min talk about it)



  • crystal, christian, jed to meet to capture early-adopter reactions (e.g., mobile devs on Android not knowing what persona is)


  • [jared] PTO Thurs Jan 31
  • [francois] Jan 28 to Feb 1 (AU time)
  • [jedp] Feb 1
  • [ben] Feb 1 - 10 (ben will look at "urgent" emails; not others)
  • [francois] PTO / public holidays Feb 4 to Feb 6 (NZ time)
  • [warner] Feb 14-18
  • [psawaya] working in boston Feb 18-22
  • [tauni] Feb 25 - Mar 1
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9