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  • TAUNI: Who is the notetaker? Are they on the call and ready?
  • Is weekly note-taking working? Why not?
  • NOTETAKER: Take a moment to write 2-3 sentences summarizing the meeting and mail it out.

Meeting Notes

  • (Callahad is notetaker)
  • Ben is back from PTO
  • Welcoming Karl Thiessen, working on server-side QA for Sync and Persona.
  • Wednesday Workshop taking place with the Product folks re: PICL
  • 02.01 train: JRGM won't be able to fully QA all the BigTent stuff. Focusing on vetting core features.
  • [meta-discussion re: how we make this work? General plan: Callahad on this week, 6a68 after holiday. Iterate.]
  • Making the meeting more open?
    • Toxborrow to send weekly announcements to dev-identity instead of identity-staff
    • Stable "Identity" Vidyo room? HOLY COW THAT'S DONE ALREADY! hat tip to Gene and Toxborrow
  • From EdgeConf, Stomlinson is getting really good feedback on the Node.js Holiday Season blog series.
  • Terminology: Not Core / Picl, Signin / picl.
  • Check out RFK's video on load testing:
  • Lloyd / Gene spent a day hacking on provisioning. Lloyd is super excited about "spinning up an entire cloud, in a region, in just a few minutes."
  • FOSDEM went awesome. Stomlinson + Dan to report tomorrow.

Team Status


Signin to the Web

  • Wondering about our train schedule? Wonder no more, Lloyd created an awesome tool that clear up any questions about where we are with our schedule
    • Transition password reset flow to accommodate rollback - MERGED. Full password reset flow can go in next train.
    • Major bug fixed with Selenium tests & personatestuser


Dialup Performance

  • Font changes - MERGED. [w00t!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡]

KPI / Metrics

  • Still hoping to make this train with kpi-live


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)


  • p2p.js? details unknown


  • wrapping up train-2013.02.01 - I have work to do with the bigtent aspects, but I think it will be good to go for all existing uses.
  • work with gene and ozten on deploy script for stage (interim-tool), and l10n for Big Tent.
  • (minor: hmm, tried to update the firefox version we run on Sauce, and surprisingly (or not) FF18 fails tests that FF16 passes).


  • Crystal enroute to Toronto for PiCL workshop with product folks on 13 Feb.

Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [Francois] spoke at LCA 10 days ago or so (report to a dev-identity near you soon)
  • [Francois] speaking at Open Source Days in Denmark next month
  • [Francois] tag teaming with Shane for a presentation in Brighton next month



  • [warner] Feb 14 - 18
  • [jared] Feb 14 afternoon
  • [psawaya] working in boston Feb 18 - 22
  • [lloyd] MWC - Feb 22 - Mar 1
  • [ozten] Feb 25 - Mar 1
  • [tauni] Feb 25 - Mar 1
  • [shane] Mar 4 - 8
  • [paul] Mar 25 - 29
  • [ozten] Apr 1 - 12 - confirm dates with ozten
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9