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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • Note: Due to department work week there will not be a staff meeting on Monday, May 6th
  • PiCL BrownBag has been pushed for after work week
  • Work week reminder:
  • Zach: re-cap from your presentation at Front-Trends in Warsaw
    • was your presentation recorded by chance?
  • Team updates
    • Signin
    • Picl
    • UP
    • B2G
  • General updates
  • Questions + Wrapup

Meeting Notes

  • brownbag on wednesday, may 1 - ben adida
  • work week next week in Vancouver!
  • No Identity meeting during work week.
  • Zach is back from Poland, where he spoke at Front-Trends
  • Thanks to everyone for helping Austin on blog series!
  • Lloyd up next for a blog post [what's it about?] - 3 left in the series
  • signin - Yahoo! users are affected - 10-20% cannot sign in. Patch to fix situation is being discussed today.
    • signin - This week is all about FFOS, lots of merges this week. Train 05/22 (closes 5/10) for final merge. External commitment: June 6.
    • slip AWS date to week after work week.
    • 3319 needs a review/merge from stomlinson
  • picl - huge discussion ongoing between picl/signin coordination.
  • picl - last week was backend storage discussion. likely backend solution will be sharded mysql
  • up - working on the interest API - looks at your browsing patterns and decides which category your site fits into. allows users to share broad interests with site to allow customization. currently allows top 5 interests. ben wants to share all data with everyone - 'cause it's a great idea and what's the big deal about privacy? docs forthcoming.
    • up - patches against mozilla central, waiting for review.
    • up - good initial feedback on web api, which uses an addon to allow partners to give feedback.
  • b2g - ton of stuff to work this week.
    • lots of props out to jedp and ed and a-team.
    • ateam is coming up with a test suite to allow automated b2g testing.
    • goal is merge done before work week.
  • Broad discussion
    • shout outs going to happen more often.
    • picl brownbag moved back - after the work week, date not set yet.
    • priority for this quarter - make sure ffos ships.
    • gaia team is submerged with too many bugs - if you know HTML/JS, would you be willing to help out there? Not a requirement, but help appreciated. This will delay one of our goals, but we can make this work.
    • kudos out to callahad for being so forthright.
    • kudos to picl team for deep, open, honest discussion with class.


Blog Schedule

Team Status


  • Huge week for merges - need heavy testing of existing flows.

Signin to the Web


Dialup Performance

  • [Fr] Prefetch PR (#3273) ready to be reviewed

KPI / Metrics


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)

  • Huge dev-identity thread last week on PICL/Signin collaboration.
  • We had a backend storage architecture meeting last week. Ryan is drawing up a proposal, but current thinking is a sharded MySQL approach
  • Meeting with Fennec folks this week to bring them up to speed
  • Interested in PiCL's user stories, demos or any related project documentation, visit the Attached Services wiki page:
  • Brownbag is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1st


[jedp] all quiet from ekr this week. wonder what he's getting up to ...


  • thanks to ed for tons of b2g testing
  • [jedp] working with ateam on automated testing (b2g persona + marketplace flows)


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [Austin] Part 3 of the abide-i18n blog series going out this week
  • [Fr] reached out to RPs using as a verifier and got them to switch to the real URL


PTO/OOO (Pacific time)

  • [jared] PTO Mon Apr 29
  • [skinny] OOO May 1 - 3 (conference)
  • [warner] - jury duty apr 29 - may 3, uncertain as usual
  • [warner] - conferences may 17-22
  • [francois] AusCERT May 20-23
  • [kthiessen] May 23 - 28 [BayCon over Memorial Day weekend]
  • [francois] JSConf US May 27-31
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9