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  • merit review schedule
  • Indecision around FFX accounts

General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

  • chilts ozten kthiessen jedp rfeeley toxborrow gene spenrose rlord lloyd jgruen warner
  • edwong seanmonstar ! zaach jbonacci
  • lloyd:
    • merit schedule review process finalized for end of September, retroactive back to Aug 1.
    • indecision relative to FxA / Persona relationship across our properties
      • goal: get execs engaged WRT tradeoffs, help them make a call
        • let's crystallize our arguments and figure it out. It's uncomfortable b/c uncertain.
    • kthiessen: are higher-ups making progress?
    • lloyd: we're making progress [b/c they understand more]. Hope for decision in matter of weeks.
  • didem:
    • hosting 1st persona meetup, 70 signed up, expect 60-70% yield
  • jgruen: UX area, both rfeeley and self asking for input pre NNG study:
  • rfeeley: others from Sumo, Product weighing in. Agendas and roles still in flux. Putting it all out there for comment.
    • lloyd: problem mostly feedback and buyin?
    • rfeeley: [goal] what are top three pitches for RP? How do I as UX designer decide if no consensus among among vocal parties?
  • rlord: get something out there, get metrics. I'm pretty satisfied with where we're at. We're taking a snarky tone initially. callahad is going to be happier with a more pragmatic pitch. Start by tapping into password rage, then -> "faster, safer signins". Everything around Persona marketing in a Google folder; please coordinate there.
  • gene: last week/month of NSA revelations: any value in attempt to leverage in e.g. a blog post for marketing Persona? Goal: inform people about our product by tagging along broad topic of discussion.
  • fmarier: we don't have a great story as long as we're centralized
  • warner: Persona side doesn't effect much. PiCl could, but not yet, actually degrading sync. Article couldn't be as positive as we like.
    • lloyd [+1 to warner]
    • warner: we could post a guide saying "here's how to configure [our tools] to [reduce NSA exposure]
  • gene/rlord: value of showing we are addressing the issues?
  • warner: +1. fmarier: yes, say we're working on fixing [structural issues]
    • lloyd: in order to get off ground, we centralized. Tell story of clear path to decentralization.
    • fmarier: since we've started working on it, it's fair game
    • seanmonstar: related original blog post
    • gene: multiple vectors. path to native is a clear one [ozten: "I don't know about that!"]. recently changed SSL cipher suites in response to NSA revelations.
    • ozten: jedp and I will do blog post, send to gene for review [kthiessen: me review too please]
    • lloyd: [typist missed]
    • ozten: we can't say we're super-awesome, but we can paint plans in broad strokes
    • kthiessen: I worry about staying in sync with Mitchell's plans for us to store more
    • lloyd: Francois, do you want to blog about importance of staying decentralized?
      • fmarier: discuss offline
  • lloyd: have [persona] folks been reading ckarlof's status posts?
    • ckarlof: on sync-dev, can Cc:
    • lloyd: they've been very helpful for me
    • ckarlof: sync-dev for folks who don't want singin
      • rlord: now that I am PM (and Deb not), want to sync with you
        • also want to link details to user stories, have engineers connect output to them
  • kthiessen: NNTP gateway?
    • warner: through GMail, which is superior
  • ckarlof: answer to "has anyone been reading" may be no
  • lloyd: Tauni has been getting very positive feedback from larger organization
    • toxborrow: still a good idea to add identity-staff to Cc: list
  • details on the Persona meetups:

San Francisco Meet-up: Date & Time: September 12, 5:30pm - 9:30pm Pacific Time Location: Mozilla San Francisco Office. 2 Harrison St, San Francisco RSVP: Mountain View Meet-up: Date & Time: September 25, 5:30pm - 9:30pm Pacific Time Location: Mozilla Mountain View Office. 650 Castro St, Mountain View RSVP:

Team Status

Native (B2G)

  • Work continues on refactoring Persona to a true IdP (new account flow progress)
  • Existential questions posed
  • firefoxos - trying to assemble a team of us + TEF engineers to work on first-time sign-up
  • firefoxos - existential questions, indeed
  • firefoxos - ongoing work on stability bugs - no blockers

Signin to the Web

  • update progressing
  • Realms review
    • Sec Review tomorrow (10am PST, invite coming from Yvan)
    • Native team help needed - more detail for this???
      • .get({ silent: true }) advice needed
      • `realm` property to watch() must also be passed when request() is called [request() isn't called with `realm` property] (is this something the RP needs to remember to do? or are we adding this in the shim and internal api?)
      • jedp apologizes for the delay in getting feedback to you

Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)

  • Rob now PM proper. Deb R refocussing on FxA.


  • [jedp] need to spend some time on this this week. stuff must land


  • [chilts] currently doing other stuff to learn more about non-libraries :)


Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement



  • Making good progress on the UX/UI flows for about:accounts
  • Unit/functional testing of IdP, FAB, S-H continues
  • Deployment of MozIdP rolled back due to bug with third-party cookie warnings; kthiessen and ozten attempting to repro.
  • train-2013.8.28 in progress; looking to ship Thursday

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launching a new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Crystal: 9 Sept - PTO
  • Shane: 9 Sept - PTO
  • Austin: 10 Sept - PTO
  • Brian: 13 Sept - PTO
  • Francois: 18-23 Sep (
  • Francois: 25-27 (TRIBE and getting there)
  • Brian: 2 Oct - OOO fly to Brussels for summit
  • John G: 11 Oct - PTO
  • Brian: 7 Oct - 16-oct - PTO
  • Brian: 8 Nov - 11-nov - OOO conference