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Gecko inside is a monthly events provided by Engineering team in Mozilla Japan. It is a study meeting to learn Gecko, which is a core for Firefox OS and Firefox, with Mozilla engineers. Engineers who are developing Gecko will explain what they are working on and have discussion with participants.

Target audience

  • Person who has interest in Firefox or Web browsers.
  • Person who wants to make their web app to run faster.
  • Person who wants to know the inside of Firefox OS.
  • Person who wants to contribute the Mozilla codebase.

previous events

Video on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8w9qvODKIFrEyiDPJtbJ6Q

No. Date content
1 Aug. 5, 2015 Multi-process Firefox
2 Sep. 8, 2015 "Fuzzing and Mozilla:2015", "API implementations added on Smart TV and TV Manager API on App development simulator."
3 Oct.7, 2015 Dom events
4 Dec.16, 2015 Graphics
5 Jan.19, 2016 Animation
6 Feb.24, 2016 servo
7 Mar.26, 2016 Develop patch hands on session
8 Aug.27, 2016 Develop patch hands on session (Summer)