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Meeting Details

  • Time and location TBD, #206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


  • ES TC39 discussions, in particular follow ups with sayrer/brendan
  • some hackery on outreach app
  • travel
  • UX review of pushes2 with chowse (less icons, less drag-n-drop, more control on hover/click)
  • discussion with Dave Herman, Andreas Gal on research connections, in particular on non-programming-language areas like language-related tools.
  • Fixed our first XSS bug on the dashboard, yikes, bug 628483

Talking points:


  • todo: call with Pike and chowse about the UX of the todo app and the integration with the current dashboard/shipping
  • special projects, highlights:
    • emailed Jay about the Demo Studio l10n to get l10n for it started
    • discussed the name for the mobile campaign with Caitlin
  • verbatim: started working on a precommit hook for sumo, see bug 628746


  • ES TC39 discussions, in particular follow ups with sayrer/brendan
  • L20n documentation and format discussions with Pike
  • quasi-unit tests for L20n bindings for JS
  • travel
  • more work on silme 0.9
  • Verbatim updated
  • Plenty of bugs filed after HBC got released
  • ICU format review


  • Updated l10n source verification for 1.9.2
  • Landed most of the new eBay plugins
  • Continued productization slog found here.


  • Major Update done last week (not sure it convinced 3.0.x users to migrate to 3.6 but they all had the new "scary" message in their language)
  • Beta 10 done (25 locales ready at launch with a whatsnew page done in a day)
  • Updating Android Market Place description (7/12 locales done)
  • Fixed a regression on our download boxes when javascript is disabled, links were not usable then, now if js is disabled and we can't detect the OS, we display 3 download boxes, one per OS.