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The projects app is and calendaring/scheduling app supposed to track workload on our localization communities as well as expose those opportunities for contribution to new volunteers.

The initial implementation is in bug 542908.

Requirements (unfinished)

  • should be able to classify projects (tags?)
  • should store a bunch of dates
when the project was submitted to the dashboard
start of l10n 
when localizers can start contributing
string freeze 
when content is frozen
due date 
when the localizations need to be done to get published
  • whether the due date is hard or soft. Websites are different than marketing campaigns than apps/extensions. One time thing or maintainance
contact info for the point person to coordinate l10n
bugs query 
a bugzilla query to get to all l10n bugs for this project


I think most things can be taken care of by clever use of tags. Things like "big project", "website", "verbatim", "firefox", "update" etc combined probably help us to build a folksonomy strong enough so that we don't need to create a real taxonomy for the projects.

It's still not clear to me how we incorporate web projects or pascal's web-dashboard information. Pascal's dashboard is not a Django app, correct? It might be wise to migrate his app to Django.

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