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Mozilla Taipei Office
  • Address: 4F-A1, No. 106, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11047, Taiwan
    11047 台北市信義區信義路五段106號 4 樓 A1
    Google Map

Inside: Cathay Xinyi Jin Mao Building (國泰信義經貿大樓), colored in white

When - April 22-23
Lodging - royalbiz taipei hotel 金來商旅
  • Address: No.71, Sec. 1, Jinshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan
    100 台北市中正區金山南路一段 71 號
    Google Map
  • Telephone: +886 2 2397 9399
  • Checkin - April 21 after 1500; Checkout - April 24 before 1200 noon
Quick address list to print out
Google Map

Note: Please purchase single-journey tickets from airport to hotel. We will provide EasyCard (悠遊卡) at Friday night. The card will be loaded with enough fund to support your transportation during the weekend, and from city to airport when you are leaving.
If you are arriving Taipei before April 21st, you can purchase EasyCard in the airport, and load funds to support your trip pre-event in Taiwan. We will reimburse the cost of card itself, and same amount of funds loaded in other cards.
Please keep ALL receipts for reimbursement.

  • From airport to Taipei Main Station with Airport Metro (Google Map)
    • Taoyuan Airport Metro
      Upon arrival, after anything you need (eg, changing money, purchasing EasyCard and/or mobile prepaid card), follow the sign to the Airport MRT station.
      You can either purchase the ticket at the information office or kiosk, but if you need receipt, you must ask information office *before* leaving the gate.
      • Accepts: Cash, EasyCard
      • Cost: TWD 160 for single journey
      • First Train: 06:06 (A13 Airport T2) / 06:09 (A12 Airport T1) Bound for Taipei Main Station
      • Last Train: 23:35 (A13 Airport T2) / 23:37 (A12 Airport T1) Bound for Taipei Main Station
      • Travel Time: 37 mins (Express) / 43 mins (Commuter)
      • You will likely have to go through ticket gates again getting from Taipei Main station to Dongmen Station

TaoyuanSignToMetro.jpg TaoyuanUnderEscalatorAtMetroEntrance.jpg TaoyuanEntranceWithTicketMachines.jpg TaoyuanTicketMap.jpg TaoyuanAfterTicketGates.jpg TaoyuanPriorToBoarding.jpg TaoyuanPlatformNetworkMap.jpg TaoyuanExpressTrainInterior.jpg TaoyuanPlatformEscalatorToExit.jpg TaipeiMainTunnel1.jpg TaipeiMainTunnel2.jpg TaipeiMainTunnel3.jpg TaipeiMainTunnel4.jpg TaipeiMainTunnel5.jpg TaipeiMainStation1.jpg TaipeiMainStation2.jpg TaipeiMainStation3.jpg TaipeiMainStation4.jpg TaipeiMainStation5.jpg

    • Highway Bus (Route #1819 by Kingbus)
      The 24-hour operating bus is a fast and convenient option for you, especially if you are arriving late at night.
      Upon arrival, after anything you need (eg, changing money, purchasing EasyCard and/or mobile prepaid card), follow the sign to the Airport Bus counter.
      Proceed to Kingbus counter and purchase the ticket for route 1819.
      • Accepts: Cash, EasyCard, Credit Cards
      • Cost: TWD 125 for single journey
      • 24/7 running
      • Travel Time: 55 mins
    • Taxi
      • Accepts: Cash
      • Cost: metered, TWD 1,000-1,300 for single journey to hotel, subject to highway and midnight surcharge
      • 24/7 running
      • Travel Time: 40-60 mins
      • Notes
        • Receipts are available on request.
        • DO NOT give a chance to illegal shuttle drivers who approaches to you. Legal cabs in Taiwan are all painted in yellow.
        • Taxi drivers might not speak English well. Prepare address in Chinese (see top) in advance to avoid communication problems.
        • You can also use Find Taxi or Taiwan Taxi to call taxi in town. See next item for Uber.
    • Uber
      • Accepts: Cards as usual
      • Cost: https://www.uber.com/airports/tpe/
      • 24/7 running
      • Travel Time: 40-60 mins
      • Notes
        • Uber has resumed their service in mid-April, but it is expected to be lack of drivers and a bit of rise in fares. You can use Uber in Taipei City and from/to TPE airport.
  • From Taipei Main Station to Hotel
    • Taipei Metro (also known as MRT)
      Google Map
      Depend on Airport Metro or Bus is taken, you are arriving at the West or East side of the Station.
      Follow the signs to the Metro station, purchase the ticket then go to Red (Tamsui-Xinyi) line platform, take train bound for R02 XiangShan 象山 or R05 Da-an 大安, disembark at R07 Dongmen 東門 station, get up to ground via Exit 1 (with Escalator) or Exit 2 (Ladders only).
      Turn right at intersection then go 7 blocks (350m) and you are now arrived at hotel.
      • Cost: TWD 20 each ride
      • You can either purchase the ticket at the information office or kiosk, but if you need receipt, you must ask information office *before* leaving the gate.

DongmenStation1.jpg DongmenStation2.jpg DongmenStation3.jpg DongmenStation4.jpg DongmenStation5.jpg WalkToRoyalBiz1.jpg WalkToRoyalBiz2.jpg WalkToRoyalBiz3.jpg WalkToRoyalBiz4.jpg WalkToRoyalBiz5.jpg

  • From hotel to Mozilla Taipei office
    • Leave lobby, turn left and walk for 350 meters, you are now at Jinshan S. - Xinyi intersection. You can either take MRT or Bus to Mozilla Taiwan.
      • Taipei Metro (RECOMMENDED)
        • Enter R07 Dongmen 東門 station, proceed to the Red line platform, and take trains bound for R02 Xiangshan 象山.
        • Get off at either R03 Taipei 101/TWTC 台北 101/世貿 Station (Exit 3) or R02 XiangShan 象山 Station (Exit 2). The walking distance is approximately the same.
        • Cost: TWD 20 each ride
      • Bus
        • Walk to the bus stop located in the lane toward East.
        • Route: Xinyi Trunk (信義幹線), Xinyi New Trunk (信義新幹線) arrives right under the Office. Get off at Xinyi Administration Center (Xinyi) ( 信義行政中心 (信義) ) stop
        • Cost: TWD 15 each ride
  • Ground transportation between lodging, venue, & restaurants
    • Take MRT or bus when you can, taxi when it's really late.
    • In Taipei, you can trust Google Map's public transportation information.
    • See here for the map with transportation and all venue locations.
  • Cash: New Taiwan Dollar is the only accepted currency. BoT & MEGA Bank provide money exchange in TPE & TSA airport. All listed currency are exchangeable.
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay cards, both credit and debit, are widely accepted, AMEX and Diners are less accepted but should still work in major shops.
    Cards without chips should still work, but bring cards equipped with chips if possible.
  • Bus/Metro Cards: You will be provided with EasyCard (see Notes in Transportation section). You can top up any amount of cash in FamilyMart or Taipei Metro stations; for other convenience stores, the minimum amount to top-up is TWD100.

Besides MRT and Bus, EasyCard can be also used as a payment method in many shops, convenience stores, and restaurants like Wellcome, 7-11, or KFC. You can cancel and refund the card (with TWD20 fee deducted) before your departure in both terminals of TPE airport.

  • ATM: A lot. Nearly all convenience stores have ATM inside. All ATMs are connected with VISA PLUS/MasterCard Cirrus & Maestro systems, some are also connected with China UnionPay and others. Please contact your bank for overseas withdrawal fees and other limitations.
    • Edit by Gary: Please try ATMs that belong to Cathay United Bank (國泰世華銀行) if you face issues trying to withdraw local currency. I had run into problems withdrawing local currency with other bank ATMs in Taipei.
  • Tipping: Not needed. Some restaurants charge 10% service fee but should be listed on menu, or server will tell you when taking order.
  • Voltage: 110 and 220 volts AC
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Power sockets: type A and B (as in the US)
Prepaid SIM cards
  • Can be signed up in the service centers in the airport or in town. However there might be exclusive tourist plan that only exist in Airport, See this wiki page for detailed information
  • Data tethering is not limited
  • Usually takes cash only.
    • Edit by Gary: I came in at Terminal 2, and right before crossing Customs, there were booths selling SIM cards, and they seem to take credit cards. See the following:


Reimbursement policy

We are able to reimburse for the following expenses:

  • transportation between TPE airport and hotel in Taipei.
  • visa fees

Please keep your receipts and deliver them to Peiying during the workshop. We'll be able to reimburse either 1). in NTD (New Taiwan Dollar), 2). via PayPal or 3) through Mozilla's Account Payable by filling out this form and will be in local currency - which is paid out in two weeks after submission.

Any additional expenses once in Taipei are yours to cover (e.g., hotel room service, hotel laundry service, souvenirs, transportation around the city for personal reason, etc.).


Chinese - Simplified
Chinese - Traditional
  • Discuss and set up Layout Guides for developers to eliminate common i18n/l10n issues related for Taiwanese users.
  • Translate How-to Contribute page to help recruiting
  • Update Style Guide, if needed
  • Simple Glossary created
  • Style Guide up-to-date
  • How To Contribute page up-to-date
  • Finish 3-5 stars priority projects in Pontoon
  • Update and make available glossary and style guide for Khmer community
  • Finish all Firefox and Thunderbird Aurora strings to 100%
  • Update Khmer community Mozilla website http://mozillakm.org/ and mozilla.km Facebook page and assign new members for responsible to update and localize news from Mozilla.org
  • Update & publish style guide
  • Translate Firefox Nightly strings.
  • Plan to recruit new localizers.
  • Finish 4 stars priority projects in Pontoon.
  • Update wiki page and improve translation quality.
  • Revamp firefox.my website
  • Discuss about new team building strategy
  • Update wiki page and improve translation quality
  • Test hard the firefox for release
  • Finish mozilla.org for launch
  • Update documentation and write a blog on mozilla.org about release.
  • Finish the Tagalog Term Bases
  • Recruit more Tagalog localizers
  • Plan for the Language Month/Week celebration activities (August 2017)
  • Finish 4 stars priority projects in Pontoon (e.g. mozilla.org, Appstores)
  • Update L10n:Teams:th to be a central point for new-comer and localiser
  • Discuss about the ancient thai bug
  • Finish mozilla.org localizations and add Vietnamese language to the mozilla.org page.
  • Move all projects from mozilla.locamotion.org to pontoon.mozilla.org
  • Plan to recruit new localizers.
  • Update style guide.
  • Improve translation quality with new Transvision tools.
Suggested topics for l10n-drivers to discuss
  • Mozilla l10n, community, and vendors (progress/update and future plans)



Welcome Dinner at 1800 at Take Five (五方食藏)
  • Address - No. 6, Lane 6, Qingtian Street, Da'an District, Taipei City 106 (106 台北市大安區青田街6巷15號) Google Map


Breakfast at Royal Biz Hotel
Morning - 1000AM at Mozilla Taiwan Office (Google Map)
  • Welcome & introductions
  • Mozilla org & l10n updates
  • L10n-driver Q&A
Lunch at the Taipei Office
  • Problem: How do you promote your localization of Mozilla projects?
    • Channels:
    • Message:
    • Materials:
15 min tea break
Dinner at 1830 Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 Taipei 101 Branch
  • Address - B1F, No. 45, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110 (台北市信義區市府路45號 台北101購物中心 地下一樓)
  • Tables will be pre-arranged; will announce during the lunch time.
Cultural activity -- 2000, Gondola Ride on 貓空纜車 at Taipei Zoo


Breakfast at Royal Biz Hotel
Morning -- 1000AM
  • Welcome!
  • Pontoon demo & activity
    • Basic activity: translate a string, reviewing suggestions, different user levels
    • Notifications
    • Bulk activities
    • Filters
    • Future improvements
    • Project info, new landing page
  • L10n testing demo & activity
    • Firefox (feedback)
    • Mobile
    • mozilla.org
Lunch at the Taipei office
15 min tea break
Cultural activity
visit to a Tea House
Dinner at 1930 at Sau Sau 秦味館
  • Address - No. 2, Lane 138, Yanji St, Da’an District, Taipei City 106 (台北市大安區延吉街138巷2號)



We expect all attendees of this workshop to respect the cultural norms, food, language, laws, and regulations of those host country. We expect attendees to be present and punctual for both days of the event. We seek to create an inclusive environment where all are welcome to share ideas and thoughts and no one is left out. Please help us to accomplish this.

Sightseeing options
Weather Forecast

http://www.cwb.gov.tw/V7e/forecast/week/week.htm - bring your rain gear!

Hashtag for event -- #mozl10nTPE
Telegram Group
Notes -- https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/Taipei-l10n-2017